Wednesday, October 5, 2011



How do we honour such a champion. She loves helping children, families, the disabled, enjoys seeing others grow and develop - knows Child Welfare better than anyone we know and is even a lover of cats. She has a great sense of humour, is a great traveling companion and would rather be here in Kyrgyzstan than in Ohio behind the scenes.

Dr. Judith Rycus is our champion. She is the Program Manager of the Institute for Human Services in Columbus, Ohio. She and a colleague, Dr. Ronald Hughes co-founded the organization - a non-profit. The organization is known for providing quality tools for those working with vulnerable children and crisis families. Judy has been instrumental in helping develop the Ukraine International Leadership and Development Center, as well as being a champion for international work in many other countries; Belarus, Russia, Kazakhastan, Kyrgyzstan, to name a few. In fact one can never know the full impact of her work.

A major work coming from IHS and Judy is the Field Guide to Child Welfare. We have been distributing this all over Ukraine and Kyrygzstan for the last several years. It is a tool that is cherished by those receiving the guides.

To know her impact is really impossible. However when we were together in Ukraine in June, the government of Ukraine honoured her with a medal of recognition. It was given to her at a fruchet we conducted in her honour. The representative from the Ministry of Child, Youth and Sport came and bestowed the honour. In addition, Judy was given a beautiful certificate and watch from the Kiev Region Governors office in recognition of her contribution to the work in Ukraine.

We are so honoured to be the team that delivers such quality tools to the counties LAMb is involved in. AND WE ARE SO HONORED TO BE A PART OF THE INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN SERVICES ------WHERE HELPING REALLY MATTERS.


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