Friday, October 28, 2011


OUR ILDC DIRECTOR AND HIS FAMILY: Oleg and Rya adopted their daughter when she was 17 years old...rushing to get the adoption finalized before she turned 18.

AWESOME DAY OF PLANNING....A CONFERENCE IN MARCH THAT WILL BE FOR UKRAINIAN ADOPTIVE FAMILIES. Yes, we are getting ready for our second conference which we are co-sponsoring with CBN, Alliance and our organization in Ukraine ILDC. LAMb International is committed to bringing quality education and training to these families. Christian families from all over Ukraine will come to Kiev for a special weekend. Our guest speakers are all adoptive parents, national and international experts in the field of child welfare as well. We will feature our own Pastor David Schooler and wife Jayne Schooler. Jayne is an expert in adoption and has authored seven different books on the topic.

We will give every attendee one of Jayne's books, she will give a key-note speech and both she and David will conduct workshops for parents. (STAY TUNED FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE OTHER KEY NOTE SPEAKERS AND PRESENTERS)

Yesterday - the President of Ukraine announced that it is time for orphanage reform and that children need families not orphanages.

You can join the movement - attend an Orphan Sunday service - support the effort - here or at your local church that has taken on this commitment to do whatever one can to make a difference and see A WORLD WITHOUT ORPHANS.



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