Monday, February 22, 2010



We are off and on the way. We arrived at the airport this morning and faced about 2 1/2 hours of heavy security as we were checked and rechecked getting into the boarding area for our flight to NY JFK. The security has not let up over the weeks since the expanded security to the US. However, we were able to get through packing and repacking things to please them at the different check points. And not all check points are the same. Some what this and some want that. Hmmmm.

In about three hours we will be boarding our flight to Moscow, where we will have an 11 hour layover before we board our flight to Bishkek. The flight will arrive into Bishked on Wednesday at 5:10am. We will then have a drive of about one hour to Tokmok City.

Our hearts are excited about the travel and journey destination. Kyrgyzstan is just one of our stops these next months. We have MANY projects, activities and unknowns ahead of us. Take a look at a few of the knowns:

1. Setting up a full training program for Mercy Foundation leadership.
2. Hosting a medical doctor who will give important lectures to those working with children.
3. Hosting a fabulous team of six from our church in Canada.
4. Working with local authorities to establish a solid system to help children have a permanent home.
5. Lynn will be "sharing."
6. Cell groups in our home.
7. Working with the Kemin Senior Home - renovating!
8. Travel to Ukraine for training and our first ever National Adoption Conference.
9. Establishing a specialization project with a university to help families.
10. Writing and training teachers in the Christian Schools to deliver Life Skills.
11. A second time to Ukraine for training and consultation with our partners and Father's House.
12. Working with the project at the home for disabled men in Iskra.
13. Working with our partners Mercy Foundation to establish strong Christian family foster homes.
14. Loving on children in the orphanages - letting them know they have a very special place and purpose for them.
15. Starting some new work with a large local orphanage - stay tuned for this one.

Well, that is enough for now. The list continues for sure. But you get the idea. It will be some very busy months ahead of us.

The LAMb Team
On the ground..or in the air: Lynn and Ruby
Working the scenes from Arizona: Don and Johanna
Joining us soon: David and Jayne
Preparing for Ukraine: Kathy
(our team members David and Jayne will join us around the 15th of March, as will our partners John and Julie)

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