Sunday, February 28, 2010



Today we visited "Jessica's Family." We met this little family last spring and they continue to steal our hearts. Their needs are great, and yet they remain intact and doing the best they can. Their little Mylena is born - this is the child they did not initially think they could care for and wanted to abort, but did not have enough money. She is now 8 months old, delightful, beautiful and full of energy.

We took them food and will bless them with more in days to come. They have no furniture, eat, sleep and sit on the cold floor. They need much, yet, the home was neat and tidy today. Alina, the older daughter was washing some dishes, father was home and not drunk, mother was hanging some clothes on the clothesline that she had hand washed. The little boys were playing at home in the house. We were joyful to see such functionality in this family.

They welcomed us with open arms, as if we were family returning home. What a blessing. Jessica - once again thanks for caring about this family and always asking - "how is my family doing?" We can report today - STOPPING FOR THE ONE IN FRONT OF YOU has brought dignity and hope to this family and we see the difference it has made.

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Kim said...

What a beautiful family!

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