Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Matthew 18:20 "For when two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them." The gathering has begun. Our Mercy Foundation Partners, John and Christa Tsai have just arrived into Kyrgyzstan, we leave on the 22nd of February, our partners Possibilities International leave the first part of March and then our team members David and Jayne complete the gathering on March 15th. We expect great and mighty things.

Each person named above has unique and special skills and gifts to serve in Kyrgyzstan. We look forward to reporting to you all that God has prepared for serving Him in this wonderful land rich with kind hearts and gentle spirits. Please pray for our team as the gathering continues.

Joining LAMb International as well will be a short term team from our home church - five amazing people prepared to serve and bring hope and dignity to children, families, and seniors. They will work, play and minister to the hearts of the people. We have a doctor who will come and do an intensive week of lectures - teaching local authorities more about keeping children safe. Then we have a professional social worker coming to help us bring a higher quality of education to the social workers at the Humanatarian University in Bishkek. And finally, we have our team - teaching and sharing in the schools, the university, with our partner organizations and among the people.

LAMb is your arm to Central Asia...thank you for your continued support. We will return home in May - with our team members returning home after us. Stay tuned for reports from Central Asia.

The LAMb team:
Don and Johanna Buchman
David and Jayne Schooler
Lynn and Ruby Johnston

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