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Well it’s the final leg of our travel heading “home” again. The ninety minute drive from the airport in Bishkek to our home away from home in Tokmok. I’m actually awake now ... although sleeping through the long stays in airports is getting to be a habit. A friend of ours posted our last blog on his blog and it reminded me of the way he thinks about the power of many. It’s intriguing the way your thought patterns go, especially arriving “home” after a lengthy absence.

During our drive I was “just thinking”. What if LAMb International had a stable base funding of something like $50,000? Then coming across a seniors home where the residents were huddled in blankets because they had run out of coal or a homeless child in the dump scavenging for food or clothes for those at the men’s invalid home or.... and the list goes on, but with a stable funding base finding immediate help for those in need wouldn’t be a problem. The money used could be backfilled as needs were shared, but no longer would the ‘widows and orphans’ have to wait while we appealed for help.

I was reminded of the story of a young girl who came across a homeless man huddled in the corner of a building close to an intersection. As she watched him and thought about his plight – in need of food, shelter and cloths – she also noted a large shiny new car pass by on the street. She thought: if the person in that car would just give a little, it would mean so much to this man. What a giving thought; if each of us would just give a little, so many could be helped. As a dreamer I think of having someone give a gift of $50,000 a seed planted by our co-founder, Don. He asked the question of how we would use such a seed as a foundation for meeting the mission of LAMb. Then I am reminded of the loaves and fishes as well as the trip through the wilderness in Exodus. God supplied by means of ‘a little’, but He did it in such a multiplication that all were fed and cared for. Perhaps it is not one that gives $50,000, but 5,000 that give $10. For some $10 may be a struggle, for others $100 - $500 would not be a problem, just giving up a little shiny something. It could be done you know - If each person reading this blog would share this message with ten more the multiplication could begin.

What does it mean in James 1:27 where the scripture uses the word “visit” widows and orphans in their trouble? Visit – just a passing hello? No, I think not. People don’t care what you know, until they know that you care. It is after you provide warm clothing, a hot meal, or a place of shelter that people will sit have chi (or coffee) with you .. ...only then are they able to hear the message of love that we carry - a message of eternal love that never fails.

Alone we will surely fail, together, each shouldering a piece of the burden, we shall surely succeed. On this trip we are here till May 8th and I was “just thinking”, what an impact love can make .... please join us in “just thinking” .... love never fails. Let us know what you think - should we act?

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Kim said...

Praying that the needs are met and exceeded.

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