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Jordan Greenbaum is the medical director of the Child Protection Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, in Atlanta, Georgia. She performs medical evaluations on children who have been physically or sexually abused or neglected, testifies as an expert witness and serves on local multidisciplinary teams and committees. She is a past president of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children. She has given local, regional, national and international presentations to attorneys, law enforcement, child protection workers, medical personnel and mental health professionals.

We are awaiting the early morning arrival of Dr. Jordan Greenbaum from Atlanta, Georgia. We have watched the flight reports and it appears all flights have been such to ensure her arrival at 5:10 on Sunday morning.

HER ACTIVITIES: She will be here delivering lectures to medical staff, police departments, university faculty and students and social work professionals. In addition, she will work along side hospital staff, sharing and participating in their daily work.

Having a US doctor does many things for a country such as Kyrgyzstan:
1. brings new ideas
2. validates their hard work and present practice challenges
3. allows the visiting doctor to return to share the helping vision with others
4. and ultimately makes life better for children and families.

She will be working with the Baby Orphanage, Baby Hospital, several local hospitals in Tokmok, with local authorities who deal with child abuse and neglect, and finally with a university faculty and staff who are part of the social work program.

Dr. Greenbaum - we welcome you with all our HEARTS! Institute for Human Services in Ohio has sponsored Dr. Greenbaum for this teaching week. We are extremely greatful to Judy Rycus, co-founder of IHS for catching the vision of Kyrgyzstan!

TOMORROW - Lynn is sharing at the Chinese venue. Stay tuned for the updates on all the other activities.

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David and Jayne Schooler said...

Have an absolutely incredible, totally impactful week, Dr. Greenbaum and crew! Wish we were there...

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