Friday, January 28, 2011


Pastors Galina and Gregory - an evening with them - blessed us beyond imagination. We are so honored to know them and have them in our lives.


Our time here in Ukraine has been so full and exciting. We could never have guessed or anticipated all that would happen or be placed in front of us. We have been very busy and every minute has been filled. We would like to recap some of the excitement:

1. Visited the church we purchased in 2006 (our team) - scheduled a leadership training for them for next June - talked about ways we could continue to help them reach the community through their present program and through the new program working with AIDS individuals in the community.

2. Met with a leader from the Theological Seminary in Odessa and began to explore possibilities for our team to deliver some quality child and family training there.

3. Got the update from our staff on his trip to the US and hear all the excitement from the potential partners he has talked to.

4. Reviewed the plan for next year with our staff about the upcoming year and the training we hope to offer to help those working with families at risk and for children in crisis.

5. Worked on the plan for our team to move forward and deliver quality tools and materials to encourage families through training and consultation.

6. Met with one of our partners and made plans on how we might reach many of the leaders who influence child welfare in Ukraine.

7. Started the planning for two new projects - a) creating an orphan awareness in the churches; b) developing a training program for the churches to build skills to help those in the church who are working with families and children at risk.

8. Reconnected with our dear Pastors - Gregory and Galina - looked to the future for more ministry.

9. Were able to bless the Abandoned Baby Hospital with enough food to last for five weeks.

10. Were blessed to give the Home for Disabled Women and Men a gift to ensure some of their needs are met right away.

11. Blessed a church with resources to help them in their work and future outreach.

12. Connected with our wonderful little guy from Kyrgyzstan and was able to help him get some needs met - warm clothing and reparining his computer so he can complete his studies at the Bible College and contact his mother on the internet.

13. Met with Katya and a large team, reviewed the progress of the work with the US Embassy to get her returned to to the US. We developed a plan - recommended by the US State Department of Health and Human Services to get her back into her home state of Georgia and to get her life back again. (We will blog about this soon!)

And this is just the top events - it has been an incredible time here - we are ready to reach out and provide more and more and more training for many here in Ukraine.

LAMb International in Action - no matter what age we are! Wahoo.

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