Monday, January 17, 2011


THE MEKALENKO FAMILY STORY - ADOPT UKRAINE IN ACTION! (Here is a story just arriving from our staff in Ukraine - what a great story and result. We are thrilled with the results we are seeing from Adopt Ukraine - what a super contribution to UKRAINE WITHOUT ORPHANS!)

This is a story about the Mekalenkos family. It has been already two years since we first met with this amazing couple in Chernigov region. We came to the church in Chernigov oblast with presentation about national adoption where Dima was a pastor. After the presentation Dima was moved and wanted to find out more about adoption process. He had approached our Adopt Ukraine manager Victoria and told her that he was very impacted by this presentation and felt like the message was addressed to him. Dima and Iryna didn’t have any children of their own for a long time and after this presentation they decided to adopt a child. We were able to help this family to adopt two orphan children from the orphanage. One of them is Iryna, who is 3 years old and her sister Katya, who is 4 years of age.

After some time something amazing happened with the Mekalenko’s family. When they gave up their last hope to have children of their own the wife got pregnant and had a daughter - Veronica.
Now they have their biological daughter that they were dreaming about for many years and two adoptive daughters that they love as their own. Now, this family is planning to adopt more children!

The Mekalenko family has been very active in helping us promoting the idea of national adoption in Ukraine. They are also involved in Orphan Child’s Rights Protection Movement and have done a lot in this area. Right now we are considering them as our potential

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