Wednesday, January 5, 2011


OSH, KYRGYZSTAN - Bringing Dignity and Hope!

We are excited to see how $10,400 can be used to bless thousands! Your donations are in action already - from the match challenge we raised over $10,000 in the pie in the face contest - this money was specifically for bringing hope and dignity to over 2,000 children in Kyrygzstan. Our team members John and Julie Wright do this challenge each year and are coordinating blessings across Kyrgyzstan for orphans and the disadvantaged. We might not be able to bless everyone in this way, yet serving 2,000 is a big investment into building hope.
What a birthday party for Jesus! They are in celebration right now - as they celebrate Christmas on January 11, 2011. Thanks to you our donors the blessings are pouring out in Kyrgyzstan.
Visit our team member blogs to keep up to date on all that is happening:
NOTE: The pastor from the Schooler church is on the streets as a homeless person to bring awareness to the homeless and specifically to bring attention to kids aging out of the foster care system that need additional support to be successful and NOT END UP HOMELESS - follow the Schooler blog to see the results of this pastor's passion to make a difference!

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