Thursday, January 27, 2011


Pastor Vatalie and his wife with us.

Pastor Vitalie and the construction boss - Vacillie!

The picture of the team that is posted on the church wall that tells about the team that donated the funds for the church - this is the day it was bought.


Recently we were in Brazil to visit family. While there we were asked to speak at two different churches. One was an English speaking church which was held on Friday night and the other was the larger parent church which was the Brazilian church. We presented LAMb International and the work being done in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan - as well Lynn delivered a message on obedience and commitment.

After the service we were blessed with a $300 donation from the church and many questions about the future and our return to minister with this body of believers.

Once home, we jumped on a plane to head to Ukraine and one of the targets for our trip was to visit the church in Pyatikhatki, Ukraine. Our 2006 team helped to purchase this church (see previous blog). It was a large property with an unfinished building, (now the church) a house (now the Sunday school for 25 children) and a great lawn (now a wonderful rose garden, vegetable garden and a place for summer picnics.)

Once we arrived, we were treated like royalty - they showed us everything and how much they had done in four years - and of course they need more space. They have also started two satelite churches in neighboring villages and have started an NGO to help families who have a member with AIDS. This is a very big problem in their city.

We knew in advance we wanted to bless this church with a gift of finances and we did that - giving them a gift that included the $300 from the Fruitful Harvest Church from Uberlandia, Brazil. They (the Brazilian church) are just starting their mission ministry and this is a perfect fit for their gift to us. We are thrilled!

Brazil - you are wonderful - Pyatikhatki you are wonderful. May God strengthen the ties between you both!

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