Sunday, October 24, 2010


A ROOM FULL OF PSYCHOLOGISTS eager to know more and learn more about working with families who adopt children and the children they are adopting. This was an action packed day with activites on disengagement, loss, a child's history and the reason it is important to tell children the truth about their adoption. The day was full of questions, stories and sharing. In addition there were many activites to help participants experience some of the feelings of children who are experiencing the loss of their history.

Perhaps the most important comment of the day was the person who said - "wow, so many things to think about, things I never thought about before." Might we say change occurs one little step at a time. We have always said the work of LAMb is one child and one family at a time - one person at a time! We are not looking for numbers - we are looking for change.

To each of you our supporters - you have made possible the influencing of all these psychologists during the training. Each one of them works with many families and children.

In the pictures you see the presentation of the Field Guide to Child Welfare being presented to the President of the Association of Psychologists. In addition, each person received a full set of the filed guides. Ruby and Lynn packed the sets and delivered them to the thrilled group. Each person also received a copy of the book Telling the Truth to Your Foster and Adopted Child - by Betsy Keefer and Jayne Schooler. You might say this group was just handed "JEWELS" for their future. We trust and pray every book will be the beginning of great things for the children and families these professionals serve.

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