Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Her name is Lubov and she is the director of the Brovary City Social Services - an integrated social services program. This program "shines" in how they are working in partnership for the benefit of families. In her city, no children are sent to orphanages!

Every Child leadership - Zanida,Vice Director from Every Child with Sveta the new Program Manager and our team working together to refine a Life Skills program for youth who are leaving the orphanages at 14 years of age. Starting one year before they leave, this will be a comprehensive, training, planning, and mentoring program. It is a BEGINNING of what they might/can do.

The entrance of our office - the reception area - ILDC is a reality. Our office in a central part of the city is a blessing for us. This office is owned by one of our founders and has been rented to us. We use this for space for both offices and for training, as it has a small training room in the center of the offices.

- the reality of ILDC is more than we could have ever imagined in 2004 when we first started working in Ukraine. At that time, we would show up and do training for those requesting this; working in churches, with Bible colleges, orphanages and workers who were committed to working with children and families.

Today, there is an organiztion, with national staff who are leading the same iniative. They organize training, consult with NGO's, work with leaders and provide services that will equip others to do the work necessary to strengthen families and protect children. This organization was founded by the Institute for Human Services from US, Father's House in Ukraine, CBN (Emmanual) in Ukraine and LAMb International from US/Canada.

Working in partnership and working to ensure quality, competency-based training and consultation is available is the goal of ILDC. The development of the ILDC team, the materials being used and the program model are all from the consultation, tools and resources that have been given by the Insitute for Human Services, based in Ohio. IHS published materials are being used all over Ukraine, most specifically the Field Guide to Child Welfare. IHS staff have traveled numerous times to Ukraine to provide training and consultation to help in the growth of ILDC and the work in the country.

Together with our partner organizations in Ukraine, we are working for a UKRAINE WITHOUT ORPHANS. And we SEE PROGRESS.

Pictured above is Lubov - and they DO NOT SEND CHILDREN TO ORPHANAGES FROM THE BROVARY CITY SERVICES! They are committed to integrated services and keeping children in families. They do some amazing prevention work. She is a model for other cities and much legislation has been changed as a result of the work she does.

Also pictured above is a meeting with ILDC and EVERY CHILD leadership - working with together to clarify and strengthen a LIFE SKILL program for youth who are 14years of age and leaving the orphanages. EVERY CHILD has worked hard to help the different regions understand the need to keep children with families and to be the "gate keepers" from the flow of orphanage placement to a minimum. The success is evident and together we will move closer and closer to a


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