Thursday, October 21, 2010


Two weeks ago, we headed into the mountains of Kyrgyzstan for lunch. We are continually struck by the sharp contrasts in this country. Roads that are lumpy and bumpy, houses that need repair, are all surrounded by the unsurpassed beauty of snow capped mountains.
After only a short drive from the highway, we found a green meadow by a mountain stream. A good place to have lunch nestled in a small valley surrounded by mountains. The only access was a very rutted, twisty gravel road.
During lunch we were treated to sheppards at work, as their flock passed by. It comes as a bit of wake-up call to realize that a very common occupation in this country is being a sheppard. As we travel about here, we continually see sheep, cattle and horses on the roads as they make their way to and from pasture and, by the way, the animals have the right of way. It definitely redefines rush hour.

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