Friday, October 22, 2010


Last Friday, just before we flew from Kyrgyzstan to Ukraine, Mercy Foundation celebrated their tenth anniversary. The children from many of Mercy's Christian schools came to the gym at the School of Blessing to perform. It was truly an amazing show.
What is truly amazing is what has happened in ten years under the leadership and direction of Elder Yang. Mercy Foundation maintains several Christian schools, a school for the disabled, a resistential facility and a university, IUCA - International University of Central Asia. These schools are all registered with the government and provide a level of education that exceeds much of what is available in the country.
We have had the privilege of working as consultants to Mercy Foundation in concert with M.F.'s president John Tsai and his wife Christa. As their programs continue to impact children in character building and life skills, we have begun to see "hope for the future" radiating from the faces of these children.
It was a benchmark moment to see this celebration and the recognition of Elder Yang as the founder and inspiration for this vision.

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