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Dear Friends, I am putting a letter on this blog to share the situation with one of our partners. However, I must first tell you that in all the years we have worked here in Ukraine, we have found no NGO with better results, better relationships and better management than Father's House. They are an organization led by a leader of high integrity and humbleness that shines in the darkness of corruption.

The plight they are experiencing is very serious and very sad. We, LAMb International ask you to read this and pray for discernemnt as to what you might do to help. Many people doing a little will help them through this - and we can promise you - the donation you give is for exactly as they say. They have made decisions, others have made decisions to back from promises and this has left a very trusting and honest organization in some very deep trouble. Let's do what we can - even a little gift of $10 will go a long way when others also pick up the cause.

Blessings, - here is the letter:

Dear Lynn and Ruby!

A greeting with Love that Jesus Christ has filled us with.
We are very grateful to God for letting us meet you and become co-workers on His field. Thank you so much for your contribution into the ministry of “Otchiy Dim”. We are especially thankful to you for the wonderful seminars and revelations that you have been sharing with us.
Since then God has been blessing us and extending our limits, we are very grateful for your participation. There are 65 children, ages 3 to 17 living today at “Otchiy Dim”. You can find more detailed information in our report and booklet.
Now Otchiy Dim got into difficult situation and is undergoing through most tough periods in its history. That’s why we have decided to write you this letter to recourse. Until now I have never been asking for help over 13 years. Even during our meetings I was just testifying of God’s glory. It didn’t become less even now, but circumstances are making me act according to God’s word: “Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.” John 16:24

Over last years few events have happened, which led us to this difficult situation:
• In 2008 “Otchiy Dim” has stared new, important and needed in Ukraine project “Centre of Social Care and Defense”, to help the orphanage graduators, pregnant women and children-at-risk. For this project the local government has allocated a former summer camp and we immediately began its reconstruction. But later due to some political conflicts, the government falsely claimed the camp back, despite the fact that we already spent on repairs over 40 000$ US. These funds were received in the form of grants and now we cannot vouch for them to report, so we are demanded to return them.
• In another situation, as soon as possible to help children who are in very difficult conditions, we began building the home of family type, with only part of the necessary funds. While some of our partners were actively looking for the rest of the funds, we decided to take risks and borrow 45,000 dollars. It gave us an opportunity before the school year to complete house renovation and now there together with their parents and educators 10 children are living. Life of these children has changed dramatically because they got to know God's love. We are very pleased to be involved in this and do not regret a step. Unfortunately, however, funds for this project never came, and we still have one large debt which must be returned before the end of the year.
• In another case, we joined to help lonely elderly people, which gave children from the "Father’s House" a good opportunity to serve in practice and learn the principles of mercy. We wrote a draft and did not wait till receive the promised finances made repairs at home, where aged people were living alone. This House was only eligible for residence in the summer time, as before there was no hot water, no toilets, and these people lived in very difficult circumstances. But short time has passed, as there was tragedy: the criminals who wanted to illegally acquire the land on which the house was, set it on fire. Fortunately nobody was killed, because most of the people at that time were in church ministry, and two people (the blind man and a woman lying) miraculously managed to escape from the flames. House burned to pieces, and we again found ourselves in difficult situations because of its repair has been spent over 20,000 US dollars.
So, partly because of our carelessness and a desire to do good before we had this money, and partly because of reasons independent of us, "Father's House" got in a critical situation.
We encourage you to contact your church with two requests. First of all, pray that God showed us the way out of this problem. And second, if possible, consider providing "Father's House" with donations to repay debts. We are very grateful for any support.
We ask you to introduce "Father's House" in your church. We would provide you with the necessary presentation materials. We would be willing to come alone, but don’t have such funds to travel. The crisis affected everyday life at “Father’s House” and for a long time has a significant budget deficit, which for two years reached 18 thousand US dollars. To reduce debt, we reduced the workforce, while not reducing the number of children. We are on the verge of bankruptcy, but believe in the grace of God.
Again, thank you for what you have done for children. We pray for you and ask that God richly bless you.

With love of God and praying for you,
Roman Korniyko on behalf of "Father's House"
children and staff.

Tel. +38 093 396 39 69

МБФ «Отчий Дім»
р\р 26003285418001 в КРУ КБ «Приватбанк»
МФО 321842, ЄДРПОУ 21692634
Юридична адреса: вул. Каховська, 64, м. Київ 02002

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