Monday, January 4, 2010


We are excited to report the FIRST FOSTER HOME IN TOKMOK is in place. The story is incredible. Here are a few facts first:

  • Our partner, Jayne Schooler has been working in Kemin to develop our first pilot foster care program. She has been training leadership, and prospective foster parents.

  • Natasha our staff in Kyrgyzstan has been working with Jayne and has been interpreting/translating all the foster care project work for the Kemin project.

  • Ruby initiated the first training program for prospective adoptive parents in Tokmok and they have now asked for a foster care pilot program as well.

  • Natasha has been instrumental in this project - translating and learning the training material from LAMb team members.

  • Natasha then conducted additional tranining herself (with the prospective adoptive parents) after we left Kyrgyzstan to return home. It was after this training ended that the prospective parent said they all wanted to tell their adoptive children the truth about their adoption. After this training, the local authorities asked for LAMb help to start a foster care program in the Tokmok area as well.

Now the story - As most of you know we did the assessment that started the closing of the Tokmok orphanage. Children were reunited with families or transferred to another facility. We had placed in our recommendations that we work with the orphanage and help them find foster homes for the children. This did not happen - but the plan is still in place.

However, Natasha is not hindered with barriers. A few months back she noticed that one of the boys at the orphange looked very much like one of the children at the baby orphanage. She did the "digging" and found out indeed they were brothers. She asked the young boy at the orphanage about his brother and he became very sad saying that he had not seen his baby brother for a long time and did not know where he was. (THEY WERE WITHIN 1/2 MILE FROM EACH OTHER!)

Natasha reuinited the brothers and regular visits began between the orphanage and the baby orphanage. However, with the moving of the children from the orphanage to another facility - the brothers would once again be separated - now by over 3 hours away. NOT TO BE - Natasha and her family are now the foster home for Tolik! And his brother Artum at the baby orphanage see his brother often!

Although we could not reunite all 18 children with family members - this is the beginning. The local government worker, Janel wants our help to find foster homes for other children. We are so excited to be returning to Kyrgyzstan next month to begin the work. Our team members, Pastor David and Jayne will join us in March. We will all be in Kyrgyzstan until May, 2010.


BTW - We need $5,000 to run a full foster family program for one full year. This is training of the families, and supporting the children who will be placed into their homes. We expect to have 10 families this first year and double that for next year. We are offering $35 per month support for each child we place into their homes.....might you help? Let us know.

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