Sunday, January 17, 2010



Time is running out for us to be on the ground here in North America. We will soon be traveling once again out of the country. Ruby leaves on the 29th of January for Ukraine and we both leave on the 22nd of February for Kyrgyzstan. Our team members will join us in Kyrgyzstan in March. And the team will be in Central Asia until May. We have much work to do:

  • Implementing a curriculum into the Christian Schools that meets the new Religious Law. This will help children learn to develop Christian Character, teach them Life SKills and help them to understand and compare different religions fo the world.

  • Implementing a full foster care program in two regions: Kemin and Tokmok. As well, developing trainers, government workers, church leaders to carry this out in the future once again our goal to create sustainable progams which help children and families become strong, safe and effective.

  • Implementing a training program for two different Christian organizations - one in Ukraine and one in Kyrgyzstan which will be to develop their leadership staff in the areas of leadership, management and supervision.

  • Providing spititual guidance to several Christian Schools, a University and the organization that started them.

  • Conducting cell groups in our apartment for many different people who would want to join us.

  • Implementing a full specialization course on children and families for Social Workers who are studying at the University in Bishkek.

  • Completing two projects with the seniors at the Kemin Senior Home - called The Gift of God Friendship Center.

And this is just the our motto is to "Just show up and stop for the one in front of you!" STAY TUNED FOR MORE.

Please see the blog of our team members: Pastor David and Jayne Schooler

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