Thursday, January 21, 2010


We cannot begin to express the gratitude that comes from the children, grandmothers, grandfathers and the disabled when someone comes to them to spend time with them. We have a super team going to Kyrgyzstan with LAMb in March...we will already be there and will be for the results!!!! We are so excited. AND there is still time for you to join the team.

Watch for the results:
1. Medical lectures by a team member from Atlanta.
2. Rennovation of the Senior home in Kemin
3. Food Drops by the team
4. Cell groups for our local churches
5. Working with the orphans in a large Tokmok orphanage
6. New training courses for our partner Christian schools in Kyrgyzstan
7. A new year specialization for the Humanatarian University in Bishkek
8. A soccer club for the orphans in both Bishkek and in Tokmok orphanages
9. Finding connections/help for an adoptive parent and her child in Bishked
10. Teaching and serving at the local church in Tokmok
11. Teaching and serving at the University of Central Asia - founded by our partners Mercy Foundation.
12. Delivering medical supplies to the local hospitals in Tokmok
13. Developing and supporting two major foster care programs in Kyrgyzstan
14. Teaching and training in Kiev, Ukriane
15. Implementing a full leadership program for the leaders of our partners Father's House in Ukraine.
16. Implementing a full leadership development program for the leaders of our partners in Kyrgyzstan, Mercy Foundation.
17. Training trainers to deliver critical Life Skills to orphans in Kyrgyzstan


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We are more than excited about our new journey - 2010 and ..LAMb is on the MOVE.

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