Monday, December 28, 2009

Senior Heating Project Completed

What great news to know the seniors at Kemin Senior Home are warm and cozy in this cold weather of winter! The heating system is completed and we thank our US donors so very much for their gift to complete this job. And what is next?

THE GIFT OF GOD FRIENDSHIP CENTER!!!! - KYRGYZSTAN A wonderful gift from a Canadian donor is allowing us to do some great renovations for the seniors. Stay tuned to see this project progress.

KEMIN, KYRGYZSTAN - FOSTER CARE PROGRAM!!! Our partner Jayne Schooler is coordinating a great project with the Kemin authorities - training and preparing leadership to conduct a full foster care program. Stay tuned to watch this grow and see children soon placed with loving famililes.

ADOPTION CONFERENCE IN UKRAINE!!!! We are co-sponsoring the first ever - adoption conference in Ukraine. We expect 150 people to attend - all adoptive parents. Terry Meusen from US CBN will be one of our key note speakers - along with our partner - Jayne Schooler. In Ukraine -adoption is a secret activity and the law of secrecy demands it be that way. However, with the advent of change, the launch of Jayne's book "Telling the Truth" we are seeing very different paradigm developing in Ukraine. This adoption conference will be a great catalyst to 'BRINGING ADOPTION OUT OF THE CLOSET' finally! Stay tuned for more on this.

MEDICAL LECTURES FOR KYRGYZSTAN!!!! Yes, we have a doctor from Atlanta, Georgia joining us in Kyrgyzstan in March, 2010. She will be doing lectures at the different hospitals, and governmental bodies in the area of child abuse and neglect. We are so excited to know that professional staff in both the medical field and social work field will be getting top notch training on dealing with the very serious topic! Again, stay tuned for more.

SOCCER CAMP? We are looking at the possibility of scheduling a GREAT soccer camp with the Chuie Orphanage in Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan - imagine a group of 200 orphans attending a soccer camp with some real fine professional soccer players and coaches....stay tuned as this develops over the next weeks!!!

SO MUCH MORE...leadership training, cell groups, university courses, spiritual development, preaching, teaching and mmmmmmooooooorrrrrrreeeeeee!


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