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1/14/09 6:50pm

It has been a trying time but our Rock of Salvation sustains us. Seeing such suffering, death and devastation is definately wearing on all of us. Many of our employees have lost family members and homes. We also heard the terrible news that one of our former workers at the boys home, Daniel Jean, has passed away. This young man was like a son to Susette and I. Please keep his mother Matilla and their family in your prayers.

Earlier today, we wer overwhelmed with patients at our makeshift clinic. Unfortunately we wer also out of meds and doctors. The few nurses we have wer fading quickly.

We are reading that ther are all these relief suplies arriving in Haiti but don't know how to access them. Roads are bad. Ports and customs are even worse.

We closed the clinic and said we were unable to help any new people. Someone told my the CNN wanted an interview. We thought if we could get the word out, maybe one of the relief organiations here might hear about or dilemma and find a way to get us supplies. I waited on hold for about 30-45 minutes with CNN and they ended up postponing the interview. By the time I made it back to the clinic our doors were open and they were receiving new patients. When I asked what happened, they said an SUV full of Haitian doctors and nurses arrived with supplies. I guess God want us to stay open - at least for another day or two, which is how long the supplies may last.

One of the toughest new patients we received was a little 12-18 month old baby that had crawled out from the rubble of its house where both his mother and father had died. They lady that found the baby crawling on the street in front of his home said the baby was just crying hysterically. He was dehydrated and pretty scratched up. He is doing much better not but he is very fragile.

We have had a number of amputations, many cuts and bruises, broken bones and multiple head injuries. Al lot of the people we are seeing now are those who have been rescued from collapsed buildings.

We don't know how people are finding us but the word is definately out. If only the relief organizations could find out.

We also don't know how long we can continue. At this point, it looks like we will be operating the clinic for some time to come..

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