Wednesday, March 18, 2020



"The reality of missions and the challenges we face with COVID-19."

You all know we seldom make pleas for help - but this is a different time of ministry.
We have had to make some hard decisions over the last several weeks and months.  Most all due to the COVID-19 and the impact it is having on all of us.  Other decisions due to reduced funding and support from those we have been blessed by in the past.  We need you to pray - not for us, but for our partners, for the children we serve and for those who work tirelessly as servants in the different ministry activities we have across the globe.

The present world situation has produced blocks, barriers, challenges and burdens that we cannot carry alone.  Personally, we have lost all our paid training work over the next two months - funds that not only help us, but help the work of LAMb.

#1:  Kyrgyzstan:  suffering over the closings, distancing and reduced funds available from our sponsors.  We presently have only one group helping with the needs and it does not cover all of the urgent and important needs.  NEED FROM YOU?  Please pray that God will touch the hearts of someone or some group to step in and offer support - short term support or long term support. 

THE REQUEST is not to increase our data numbers, it is to serve persons with NAMES!  This is not about numbers, it is about people crying out for help.

#2:  India:  Alex Sam (India) is struggling and needs help - he is raising foster children, building an adoption program in India and is desperate for help right now.  He needs to purchase food and supplies. Can you help us help him and the work he is doing?

#3:  Khwai, Botswana:  The village is so vulnerable and they need a boost of supplies for the children we serve there - it is important that persons not be going in and out of the village - due to their lack of resources and vulnerability.  Yes, washing hands helps, but what if you live in a village that you do not have running water  - and need to walk over to a community pumping center to gather water?  Are you able to consider helping us get extra funds into them to purchase soaps, store up some food, send in our on the ground team to teach them how to care for themselves in case of an outbreak?

#4:  Maun, Botswana - Senior Center:  Pastor Beauty has not asked us for anything - but the needs are great - she feeds marginalized seniors daily at the new center LAMb helped build and helps support.  We need to be there and boost up her food supplies and help her pay volunteer transportation to and from the center.


On this blog - there are options here for you - they are easy to donate from Canada and from the US.

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