Monday, November 7, 2016




Each time we answer yes to a call, it is with prayer and question.  TODAY WE HEAD TO BOTSWANA.

Yes, Lord we will go, but what is it you want us to say, to do and to share?  You called us to teach - (Ephesians 4: 12-16) and you have opened the hearts of many to listen and even desire to hear what they can do to carry out your command in James 1:27.  Yet we are just your simple servants - and pushing on in age.  Why us Lord?  Why us?

Then the floodgates of many different reminders of His calling:  "IF NOT YOU, THEN WHO, IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN?"  

So we go forth to spend the next month with this village in the lower end of the Delta in northern Botswana and to the city of Maun.  To work with a Trauma Team in "training", to share with village moms who really want to keep their children home and not send them away to schools, to share with village leaders stories, hope and the words from His walk on this earth.  The stories of the Old Testament, the hope in Jesus and that they are precious in His sight.

We will be joined with our LAMb partner and team member - who will also be a ROCK of teaching and encouragement.  We will serve the local Maun team coordinating the service in the villaga - Bushways Foundation and work with the Pastor of the local church to serve seniors. Then soon we will be joined by a group from the USA - Samaritans Feet - to bring hundreds of brand new shoes and socks to give the message physically - you are loved.  We will wash feet, pray and pass blessings on to these amazing sons and daughters.  Yes - we go!  We answer the call.  

Into the village where God has called us.  To do the work He has called us to do - and to leave what HE wants us to leave.  To Him be the Glory.

The Childen!

We serve them to serve their own village.

Unfortunately she ate the family dog and then proceeded to take a nap on their bed.

Photos compliments of our LAMb Team - the Richardsons

You can join us as well - are you ready to spend six months to a year in this village - teaching English, parenting skills, discipleship and more?  If so, contact us.  

The LAMb Team

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


This is where LAMb started global ministry.

Anniversary of 13 years - global ministry
 this month.

It is hard to believe, but we are celebrating 13 years of LAMb Ministry this month.  Our very first international ministry training was done in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine in 2003.  From Ukraine, we were "sent" by a pastor to Kazakhstan and then on to Kyrgyzstan to serve in churches he had started.  

In Kyrgyzstan, we saw our fit and have been working there in depth ever since.  We added other former post-Soviet countries, such as Russia, Tajikistan, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan.  

Working to strengthen families, bring children out of orphanages, help graduating orphans, training workers, helping governments change paradigms and laws, implement training programs in the churches, universities and NGO's that helps children know they are precious and that their Heavenly Father loves them as a son or daugher - this has been our calling.  

We launched out on the command from Ephesians 4:12-16.  Our commitment has been to equip and activate - through training and consultation - using best practice and evidence-based information and skills to care for children and strengthen families.

Our years have seen countless lives changed, thousands of persons trained, hundreds of persons trained as trainers and system changing to embrace that children need safety, permanency and well-being.  We have worked with Bible colleges, churches, pastors, church workers and government staff and have written numerous training tools to share.

Through the years, we have poured sustainable interventions into Japan, Cambodia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil, Thailand, India, South Africa, Botswana, Indonesia, Nepal, Armenia, Canada, USA, Bangladesh - 21 countries in all.

We have cried, laughed and prayed through the night for countless reasons.  And we have seen miracles in many unexpected ways.  We have had donors come and go.  Resources available and resources lacking, with miracles waiting -  Walking out the door of our home to head overseas - with only $500 in our pocket for the month we were to be away - to receive a call from our church as we were ready to close the door - deciding to answer to have the question asked of us, "We just got a donation for you for $5,000, what would you like for us to do with this, as we know you are leaving today."  Yes, Lord!

God has been faithful - we have tried hard.  Never feeling we do enough, we are continually seeking His guidance for steps as we make our plans.

We walk in a calling that most do not understand and is very difficult to explain - both of us in our 70's as most of our friends are finding retirement to be something far different from our journey.  Yet, Obedient, committed and passionate about serving Him to bring children into families and make perhaps a little difference in our world.  We know we cannot save the world, but we can help to change the world for one child at a time.  We continue with determination.

Thank you for believing in us as we continue to carry out the journey as we have been called.

Lynn and Ruby
Ephesians 4:12-16

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