Saturday, February 26, 2022



As we all watch and pray for what is happening in Ukraine, we feel in our hearts the darkness that is surrounding the world and especially what is deeply impacting all our hundreds of Ukrainian friends both in Ukraine in in other countries.  The sadness permeates our inner being beyond what words can express.

Here with our LAMb Team, we continue to work in the calling of LAMb, and experience questions, what do we do, what can we do, how can we focus on anything but Ukraine and what is happening there?  We have sent funds, called friends, prayed and prayed, talked via whatsapp to those in Ukraine and kept in contact with many - hearing their  hearts, their fears and just knowing we are WEAK to respond with the right words that might ease their fears and concerns.

It is their MOTHERLAND - a land they call home - where their families have proudly toiled to develop the land, the nation and their family legacy for future generations.  What does this now mean?  Oh Lord - be merciful and bring Ukraine to it's fullest glory!  Amen.

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