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We think we can - we think we can - we think we can....

Guess what - WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING ON OUR OWN!  We were recently asked why we do this at our age, and the answer - because it is our calling and it is the perfect age - in fact any age when you are called is the perfect age.  But we cannot do this alone.  It is from the Grace and Mercy of the Lord of Lords that gives us the strength and courage.  So let's catch up!

1.  Lots social media over the last several months - including Facebook messages - lots of LAMb International Mail Chimp updates to our board members.

2.  Dayspring is full and doing GREAT.  We have new parents and the little girls along with the older girls are doing so well.  Learning daily and being discipled by a great team - with pastor and bishop and their wives stopping in regularly and serving our little girls.

3.  Jeremiah 29:11 - amazing changes - new parents for the boys!  Drop in center - leader is a regular visitor of our youth and a great helper.  He helped the boys start the Chicken business.

4.  Jeremiah 29:11 has a new farm.  A BIG SURPRISE for us.  Ruby's sister went to Kyrgyzstan and stayed there for just over a month - working with the team and the Jeremiah youth.  She decided they needed a farm to learn from - so she purchased the farm and we are now making big plans for its use.
The Farm - Sondra Villa

5.  Jeremish 29:11 youth have been learning to can vegetables - lots stored up for winter.
Sveta - Life Skills in Action
6.  Lots of our youth in University, Pre-University and College this year.  In fact we have nine at this time we are supporting for a higher education!  Praise God for dreams.
Registration Day - for University and College
7.  Hired a tutor in a near-by village for the little village children who are struggling with school. This will be a full time business for an adoptive mom we want to support and help along.  We are coming behind her for a year to help her get her business started - which helps so many vulnerable youth.

8.  Capacity Building those persons working with vulnerable, exploited and orphaned children.  Great results coming in - as this is a sustainable program - training of trainers.  Here is a quick snapshot of the last several months:
India - Trauma Time Line Activity
  • FEBRUARY - MANAGUA, NICARAGUA - Life Skills Training of Trainers
  • FEBRUARY - VIZAHAKAPATNAM, INDIA - Psychological Trauma Training along with Training of Trainers
  • FEBRUARY - HYDERABAD, INDIA - Psychological Trauma Training along with Training of Trainers
  • FEBRUARY - DHAKA, BANGLADESH - Training of Trainer in Trauma Informed Care
  • MARCH  - KIEV, UKRAINE - Building Team Capacity - ILDC
  • MARCH - TOKMOK, KYRGYZSTAN - Building Team Capacity - ILDC
  • APRIL - TASHKENT, UZBEKISTAN - Training on Trauma Informed Care
  • APRIL - KUJHAND, TAJIKISTAN - Training on Emotional Regulation for Psychological Traumatized Youth - Training of Trainers
  • APRIL - TOKMOK, KYRGYZSTAN - Building Team Capacity - ILDC
  • MAY - KIEV, UKRAINE - Building Team Capacity - ILDC
  • MAY - CHIANG MAI, THAILAND - Conference Speaker - GCM Conference; Training on Trauma Informed Care
  • JUNE - KIEV, UKRAINE - Building Team Capacity - ILDC
  • JUNE - MANAGUA, NICARAGUA - Building Trauma Competent Caregivers and Training of Trainers
  • JULY - HAVELOCK, ONTARIO - Coaching new trainers - Lyall and Kathy Hallick in the Trauma Informed modules - sending them out as LAMb team members.
  • AUGUST - TOKMOK, KYRGYZSTAN - Conference on Graduating Orphan Care - Showcasing our Jeremiah 29:11 program.
  • SEPTEMBER - KIEV, UKRAINE - Leadership, Adolescent Psychological Trauma training and more.
  • SEPTEMBER - KIEV, UKRAINE - Building Team Capacity - ILDC
  • SEPTEMBER - ARMENIA - Becoming a Trauma Informed Caregiver - Understanding Adolescent Psychological Trauma
  • SEPTEMBER - PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA - Training of trainers in Adolescents and Psychological Trauma
  • SEPTEMBER - GABARONE, BOTSWANA - Leadership Training and Training of Trainers in Adolescents and Psychological Trauma
  • OCTOBER - MAUN, BOTSWANA - Training of Trainers in Trauma Informed Care
  • OCTOBER - VIJAYAWADA, INDIA - Trauma Informed Care Training
  • OCTOBER - PATNA, INDIA - Trauma Informed Care Training
We have had 1,155 total participants.  Let's say each of these persons works with JUST 10 VULNERABLE YOUTH - that equals - 11550 youth from that ONE TRAINING!!!!!! Potentially influenced to know who they are - how precious they are and that they are a treasure and a child of the KING.  Sons and daughters across the globe.

And that does not include any of the training events the new trainers are doing! 


Present needs:
A)  Prayer for our KG team that they can continue finding the beautiful joy of serving the children at Dayspring and Jeremiah House.
B)  Funds for all the winter coats, boots and shoes for the youth.
C)  Funds for the ongoing university needs for our older youth.
D)  Support to renovate the farm!
E)  Continued support to do the capital improvements on our homes for our children.)
F)  To fill the freezers with meat for the winter at Dayspring and Jeremiah House.
G)  Prayer for strength for our new training team members - Kathy, Lyall, Johanna.
I)   Prayer for wisdom and discernment for Lynn and Ruby as they continue serving with LAMb.
J)  Prayer for our team leaving in December for Botswana - discernment and a good report.
K)  Prayer for our team leaving next week for Nicaragua - a good report and a great men's ministry result.
L)  New funding for our school in Nicaragua which is under the LAMb Barnabas project.
M)  New funding for our program with New Image in Nicaragua which is a project of Jenna Dollin our LAMb team member.


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