Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I've been on the go making the rounds today. One stop was at the baby hospital. Many of you will remember the story we posted on Melana Grace. You will be pleased to know she is doing well and in addition so are two other new born babies. I asked about her (Melana's health) and the doctor indicated she was very healthy and added the reason why she is doing well is because of the formula she is receiving. As we were leaving I was chatting with the head doctor and she was very gratful for the help that is being provided. She also asked if we could provide some diapers as well. Having disposable diapers saves the staff(overworked and underpaid) a great deal of time, especially on rainy days. The only way of drying cloth diapers is the old fashioned clothesline. It may be old fashioned, but on sunny days it is effective and economical. If you would like to help with diapers, just give the Canada Helps button a push and we will have your donation quickley.

As we were leaving I asked Natasha, "What about the other two babies? Is anyone providing for them?" I wasn't really surprised by her answer. We are she said. I guess I had been wondering how one small baby could eat so much formula. Now I understand - it's three small babies, not one. Thank you for the donations that keep the formula arriving and tomorrow we will add some diapers to the shopping list.

Above are two of the latest pictures(this am) that I took of Melana.

On another note, this week two caravans of medical and humanitarian aid are leaving Tokmok and heading for Osh. Many of you have read of the tribulations in that area. However, local churches and citizens have banded together and are reaching out with help. There is a much greater police presence on the roads and in and around this city now. People are seeing this as a good thing as order is being maintained, allowing peaceful citizens to resume their lives.

Stay tuned for further reports as I visit several of our ongoing projects this week.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Yesterday, on my 12 hour layover at the Moscow airport, I made some new acquaintances. I couldn't pronounce the first name of the young man I chatted with, but his second name is Aaron. He is from Somalia. He and about fifteen other Somalians have been "hostage" in the Moscow airport for just over four months. They came to Russia seeking asylum from direct threats from militant Islam.

Aaron told me they come to your house the first time to get you to join them in their violence. You are expected to kill. Aaron still doesn't understand why brothers of the same religion would kill each other. The second time they come the pressure is more intense and many unwillingly become part of violence. The third time they come, Aaron explains, they don't ask again, they simply cut your throat. That is why he and his peaceful friends fled the country seeking asylum.

Aaron tells me that for the first three weeks a company he only knows as SMF(Canada) provided food for them. Then the food stopped. Apparently Russia has refused them. United Nations talks with them about once every three weeks. No one is listening. No one is helping.

They beg for their daily bread in a place where a small cup of coffee costs seven dollars (U.S.) and no refills. I asked Aaron for their names. He couldn't remember everyone, but he listed the following: Huvun, Aweys, Mownd, Mahamed, Ibrahim, Ismahan, Hamdi, Ubah, Yusuf, ahnad, Mahamed. Real people, real pain and desperate need.

For anyone reading this story I ask two things. One: if you know of any connection with the United Nations or other helping organization, please call. They are located on the second level of the Moscow airport in the transit section. Two: If you know of anyone passing through the transit zone, ask them to look them up. Bring some food and encouragement. At the moment they are in need of aspirin and vitamins as well as food.

In the one picture I am standing beside Aaron just outside a VIP lounge (rather ironic) and the other pictures show their living/sleeping quarters.

I will be travelling back through next Sunday. If you have a word of encouragement, a contact or a stipend of hope, contact me via e-mail I will share it with them.


Sunday, June 27, 2010


Joy can come in many packages. The men of Iskra Home for the Disabled were just estatic at the new table covers we brought for them. They helped cut and place the covers. What simple gestures can bring such JOY!

RUBY IS IN UKRAINE - This will be an awesome week here at Father's House. I will work two days with leadership from around Kiev. These Ukrainian leaders are working together with an NGO - Every Child who is committed to helping them become "gatekeepers." A "gatekeeper" watches the gates to the doors of the orphanages and does whatever they can to keep children out of the orphanages and get into families. We are proud to work with them. We have been providing training - developed by the Institute for Human Services in Ohio. IHS is a nationally recognized child welfare organization that excells in training and consultation. We are honored to be part of this project with both IHS and Every Child.

Second training event will be two days of working with the leadership of the different offices who are responsible for placing children. Helping them understand their leadership role and the skills needed to be effective in those roles.

Also, I have several meetings here and will work to plan for future activites to strengthen families and protect children.

Finally, I will travel to Krivoy Rog to meet with Pastor Gregory and his wife, take clothing for the Home for the Disabled, pass over a net book computer to Emma Wright and share with our friends and partners in the city.

All this is a short time in Ukraine to plan for a LONG time.

LYNN REACHES KYRGYSTAN ON MONDAY - Lynn too will be in Kyrgyzstan for a short time to plan for a LONG time. He has many different goals for his short time there. He will see all our projects and take needed items and encouragement for them in their time of pain and suffereing. He will get our new project organized and started with the local church whom we are parterning with. And he will meet with key persons to ensure we are all working together in the same direction with the same goals and objectives for children, families and the seniors. Again he is there for a shor time to plan for a LONG time.

THE LONG TIME? Well, as we reported we sold our home - which will free us up greatly. We will have a turnkey condo and will be ready to go whenever, whereever God calls. We anticipate LONG periods in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Each time we remove a responsibility here, or gain a new sponsor for over there - we get closer to being there longer and longer. Pray with us for freedom to serve Him in a much concentrated way in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

We thank you for all you have done for us - we cherish your prayers, financial support, encouragement and interest in our work.

Lynn and Ruby

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Lynn loading up t-shirts to take to UKRAINE!

CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY - BARRIE OFFICE - conducts several fundraisers each year for research and for helping local persons who have been diagnosed with cancer. The person in charge of these activities (Joyce Mayne, fundraising coordinator) is dedicated and committed to the cause of relieving the suffering caused by cancer. Cancer has touched the lives of everyone in one way or another, friends, family, aquaintances. The Barrie Office could not do all that they do without the volunteers who give of their time, resources and energy.

Joyce and her daughter Cass!

Joyce, along with other members of her office have also been touched by the work being done in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan by LAMb International. The generosity and sharing continues from one charity to another. Today, once again LAMb is benefiting from their generous offer to give us their left over brand new t-shirts from their Relay for Life activities. These new t-shirts have been received by many in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, both children and adults.

SO, WHO GETS THE NEW DUDS THIS TIME? We are packing two large hockey bags full of t-shirts and they are going to Ukraine - they will be passed out at BARI UGLI, a residence for over 200 men and women who are moderately to severely disabled. We have been able to bless these wonderful people many times in the past - with food, cooking equipment, shoes, clothing and other needed items. Ruby will be in Kiev and Krivoy Rog while in Ukraine. Since Altanai, Iparie could not get permission to come to Canada (they are our little Kyrgyzstan) friends, Emma Wright, and the girls decided to stay in Ukraine and work in the orphanages there for the summer. Seems right somehow - three girls who serve in Kyrgyzstan - now coming to Ukraine to serve there - sharing their love and joy with others in another part of the world. Just the missionary journey of three dear girls. I can only imagine the impact this will make on them and their work back in Kyrgyzstan.

SO RUBY WILL STAY IN UKRAINE AND LYNN WILL FLY ON TO KYRGYZSTAN. We know there is much pain and suffering right now in Kyrgyzstan and Lynn will make the rounds to all our friends and projects; the senior home, the disabled home, Jessica's family, baby orphanage, baby hospital, city hospital, and a big list of others. They need to know they have not nor will be forgotten. His time in Kyrgyzstan will also be the start of our new project - yet to be fully announced (yet will be soon). Lynn will be doing food drops, helping where possible to get aide to the South of KG and doing what he can to relieve some of the suffering. After - he will return to Ukriane to fly home from there.

WE RETURN TO CANADA together to pack and move, as we have sold our home and will move into a Condo. Downsizing again - renting instead of putting ourselves in "bondage" to a home. We are seldom in our present home and we want to be available more and more to Eastern Europe and Central Asia or wherever God should take us.

FINALLY - if you would like to join us in our work, there are many ways. Click the donate button, join one of our teams, or commit to becoming one of our prayer partners. We need you to continue.

Monday, June 21, 2010


For many of you following the events in Kyrgyzstan the last few weeks, it has been difficult. This morning I was sent a link that provides some of the history and context for the struggle this country is undergoing. The link is below.

We are traveling to Ukraine this weekend and Lynn will travel on to Kyrgyzstan. Stay tuned for further updates.

We are excited to be part of our existing projects in and around Tokmok and to have an integral part in a new project just getting underway. More news on this next week when Lynn gets some pictures.

We thank you for your interest and prayers. We are looking beyond the current pain and distress for a Kyrgyzstan future that will encompass His peace.

Tried as hard as I could, but couldn't get the link inserted. Will send it via our e-mail list. If you are not on the list, e-mail me and I will send it to you.


Stay tuned!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Our Friend Eldar with team member Deb Wilkes

Dear Friends,
Kyrgyzstan remains in CHAOS. We are grieved by their pain and suffering. Please pray for peace to be restored soon. Our dear friend Eldar from the Home for Disabled Men wanted us to know he is feeling very sad and has many tears for his people in Osh who are being killed and injured. Eldar is suffering - once again as he is always seeing the needs of others in so much more need than he himself.

Lynn leaves for Kyrgyzstan in a few days - the 27th to be exact.

Keep in touch, we will attempt to keep everyone informed of things in Tokmok City and Bishkek as he gathers together with our friends and partners.

To keep up on the news, here are some websites provided by our partners David and Jayne to us:


Saturday, June 5, 2010



You hear right! A family life resource center. But what is this?

LAMb announcement will be coming soon. But for now - just imagine. A family for children where they are safe, loved and nurtured. A home where they will not see the doors of an orphanage, where they will learn, grow and develop as God planned for their lives. Just imagine 10 little children who will have someone to call mommy and daddy. 10 children who would otherwise have been sent to an orphanage.

AND a country that is watching and learning how they might do the same thing?


Wednesday, June 2, 2010



We are so excited to announce our first "cottage industry" up and running at Iskra, Home of Men with Disabilities. Zamir has been hired as the new Art Director. He will be responsible for getting art work made by the men of the home - all of which will be brought back to Canada and the United States to be sold. All profits will benefit the artists and bring more materials to continue their art projects.

We are grateful for Dr. Jordan Greenbaum of Atlanta, Georgia for sponsoring this project start up. Zamir will be paid monthly. In addition, each artist will be paid for their work. Once again - just bringing hope and dignity to the men of ISKRA.

AND NEXT? Well, how about a woodworking shop? They presently have a barber shop - which was started by our partners John and Julie Wright. Let's keep the "cottage industry" idea going. Want to help set up a woodworking shop? Let us know - we will be pleased to make it happen.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We have been very busy getting ready to head to Ukraine this month. Our teams on the ground in both Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine are working hard to keep things moving and meeting needs. Our next journal is full of summary of the past months and the journal which will follow that will be full of what is ahead. We have a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT COMING - KEEP WATCHING. IT IS AWESOME. If you are not on our journal list, let us know and we will add you to the email list. This blog is not the journal.

For now, we want to let you know just a few details of what is happening:

1. We have our project with the Home for Disabled Men up and running. Zamir, our new Art Director is busy getting the men to do all kinds of art projectS. Keep tuned to see some of their work soon. And you might be able to purchase some of the art - which will keep the men inspired and bring the more supplies.

2. Our project with Kemin is blossoming. We are wanting to put the rest of the heating system in - the upstairs can be heated for just $2500. They have a great system on the first floor, thanks to one of our donors from Ohio and our partners Possibilities International from Canada. Cool, an International partnership!

3. The Humanitarian University is going to be seeing a great change as we help them implement a full year specialization for their social work students - studying child and family services. We have some fabulous team members: Eileen Lally from Alaska and Chris Tappan from New Hampshire who will be joining us in September to start this much needed project. In addition we just might be able to include on our team a Professor from Tomsk State University (Russia) to help us. She is familiar all our translated materials and has implemented them into the university in Russia.

4. Jayne and David are in New Zealand sharing at a conference! They have become quite the world travelers. Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Poland and now New Zealand.

5. Our Babies Bound for Blessings project is in full swing. We have sent several babies to the hospital for tests and surgeries.

6. Little baby Melana Grace - the baby Ruby named is doing well and we have a sponsor for her to meet her needs. Praise Him!

7. Training in Ukraine with ILDC is under full swing and is showing signs of self-sufficiency! We have an amazing team in Ukraine. We get reports again and again about the requests for their services. We are very proud of the hard work this team puts out for the activating and equipping of others. We will be joining them in just two weeks.

8. We have to potential to bring a team from Alaska who are experts in Developmental Disabilities. They would be working with us at the Home for Disabled men! We are very excited about this MD and Nurse who know how to make a difference!

9. And our friend and doctor partner in Atlanta - is interested in serving once again in Kyrgyzstan. Watch the difference she can make in helping childen be safe. She has some great ideas and plans to share with those in need in KG.

Well, that is a little update. WE COULD WRITE A BOOK OF JUST THE LAST THREE MONTHS....

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