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$25,000 CAN BECOME $50,000
This is a really big opportunity for each and everyone of our supporters and friends to make an impact for LAMb International. We have an anonymous donor who has offered MATCHED FUNDING FROM NOVEMBER 1 TO DECEMBER 31. This is non-restricted and wll be matched up to $25,000.


If we can raise the $25,000 - then that means LAMb starts 2011 with $50,000.

We are asking - can you help?

This is an amazing gift and opportunity.

THANKS DONOR - WE CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO EXPRESS OUR FEELINGS ABOUT THIS WONDERFUL GIFT. you can hit the donate button on this blog and it is done!

The LAMb Team

Friday, October 29, 2010


FABULOUS WEEK WITH SOME SUPER PEOPLE! We are heading back to North America tomorrow, leaving this side of the world. We arrived Kyrgyzstan in early September and leave tomorrow for home. Yet really where is home? Is it Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Canada, USA? Where is home.

We leave here saddened yet rejoicing in all that is happening within the field of child welfare. God has called us to this work and we are amazed at how different threads of the tapastry are woven together with so many different people.

Four very young staff here - working hard to make a difference - committed to Ukraine Without Orphans. One very young staff in Kyrgyzstan working deligently to ensure there is a Kyrgyzstan Without Orphans and all the other people who help us on the ground. NGO's, churches, pastors, teachers, volunteers, other missionaries and even the families and children we serve. And of course our wonderful team and partners.

Then there are all of you - our sponsors who encourage us - when the day ends and we put our heads on the pillow and in the dark of the night - and cry out from the deepest parts of our hearts about the hurts we see, the pain we feel and the hopelessness we so want to stop...we think of your words, your gifts and your consistent caring about those we love.

We are ending time with our Ukraine team - heading to a warm, comfortable and beautiful home. But our hearts? We already CRAVE TO RETURN. It is what it is.


THE DONOR FOR ARAFAT RESPONDED IMMEDIATELY. This surgery is COVERED. Thanks so much. Look at the blog from our team member David and Jayne that tells the story: We had visited a number of times in a small village during our time here in 2008, but we never saw him. It wasn't until a visit to that village in the spring of 2009, that we met Arafat, a toddler with a severe cleft palette. He had been kept hidden from the outside world because of his problem. One afternoon, his parents cautiously brought him out for us to see...and the rest is history. We posted the need for his surgery on our blog. Within a few hours, finances came into cover his first surgery and the aftercare. First surgery was completed successfully. Now this fall, our young friend is having his second surgery, which will begin the work on closing the pallete. On Wednesday, the day before his procedure, we stopped in the hospital to see him and his beautiful young mom. Dad planned to come for the day of the surgery as he was home with a younger brother. TO OUR DONOR - WE THANK YOU SO MUCH AND YOU CAN BE ASSURED ARAFAT AND HIS FAMILY THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF THEIR HEART!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Delivering Field Guides to Brovary Social Services Director - Lubov!

Sunshine has returned to SUNSHINE - delivering Field Guide to the director - Annya!


Yesterday was a very full day as we continuted taking our Kyrgyzstan visitors to different projects to study how they (Ukraine agencies) are working together to keep children out of the orphanages. At every stop we took more resources for them - some of these resources were written materials that help them better understand how to work with families and children. We delivered many sets of the Field Guide to Child Welfare.

One stop really touched us. We were at Sunshine (a family type home) and took in a set of the Field Guides. I had given them sets some time before, but know that one more set for them would go to good use. When the director saw the guides, she was quick to share her glee - as she was just wishing she had hers were now gone. Why? Well, there had been visitors from Moldova and they spied her Field Guides saying they would give anything to have such resources. So, off the went the sets to Moldova, leaving Sunshine "cloud!" and have no guides.

Now, no Field Guides were available to their own staff - UNTIL - THE FIELD GUIDE DELIVERER ARRIVED - VOILA! We had stock and it is FREE. Thank you Institute for Human Services for this valuable resource - which is NOW IN MOLDOVA, RUSSIA, KAZAKHASTAN, KYRGYZSTAN, BELARUS, CANADA, USA, UKRAINE, AND WHO KNOWS WHERE ELSE? Until the FIELD GUIDE DELIVERER RETURNS....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010




We went to three major partners today. Stop 1: Soros Foundation to introduce our Kyrgyzstan visitors. While there we talked about a project to help Kyrgyzstan - first starting with another exchange - bringing about 10-12 Kyrgyz to Ukraine to learn from the Ukraine experience - doing this in possibly February and then in March conducting a conference in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to further the work in diverting children from orphanages. Soros is very interested in this project.

Stop 2: We met with State Social Services Deputy Director and she gave a very thorough overview of the Ukrainian foster care system - its strengths and weaknesses.

Stop 3: We met with the Director of Kiev City Children's Services and had another very thorough overview of what are the strengths and weaknesses of the Ukraine child welfare system. The team was overjoyed with the information they have received and are eager to put into action some of the suggestions and strategies discussed.

Tomorrow - we will take the team to Brovary - a town in the Kiev Oblast that has an integrated social services program - where partnership and collaboration are more than just nice words. We will hear how they have made collaboration a success and learn how they have been successful in keeping children from being placed into orphanages. Brovary places NO children into orphanages!

And then our final stop for tomorrow will be a model program called Sunshine, started by a couple from Switzerland. It is a wonderful program where children are living in a family environment. This home has had great success in the years it has been in existance.

Each day we are just praising God for His Grace and Mercy in allowing us to host these wonderful Kyrgyz professionals. Each day we see one step closer to realizing a KYRGYZSTAN WITHOUT ORPHANS AND A UKRAINE WITHOUT ORPHANS.

Soros Foundation

State Social Services

Kiev City Children's Services

Monday, October 25, 2010



Our guests arrived from Kyrgyzstan yesterday without a problem. We have two professionals who work directly with children ensuring the rights of these children are protected. We met early this morning and started our week long learning time with them. First stop - Father's House. Here they met with the founder and president, Roman Korninko. A full presentation was given of how they work with street children, about their rehabilitation program and their family homes. The group even visited a family home and left Father's House amazed with the impact they have had on both children, families and the laws of Ukraine. This was a visit that clearly was just a beginning of the relationship between Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.

Second stop was lunch at McDonalds for our visitors. Not too educational, but there are NO McDonalds in Krygyzstan - so you might say this was just a cultural experience.

Third stop was to meet with the staff at Every Child - another one of our partners. They presented a top notch information program to help our visitors understand the full spectrum of child welfare where they work as an NGO to keep children out of the orphanages. It was an exciting day and tomorrow will be filled with three stops beside lunch.

We will visit Soros Foundation and discuss a project for the spring, visit state social services and learn about the Ukraine foster care system, and end our visit with Nickolai Kuleba who is director of Kiev City Children Services.

What a day we have planned...stay tuned for only more and more exciting possibilities for the changing of the lives of vulnerable childen.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


A ROOM FULL OF PSYCHOLOGISTS eager to know more and learn more about working with families who adopt children and the children they are adopting. This was an action packed day with activites on disengagement, loss, a child's history and the reason it is important to tell children the truth about their adoption. The day was full of questions, stories and sharing. In addition there were many activites to help participants experience some of the feelings of children who are experiencing the loss of their history.

Perhaps the most important comment of the day was the person who said - "wow, so many things to think about, things I never thought about before." Might we say change occurs one little step at a time. We have always said the work of LAMb is one child and one family at a time - one person at a time! We are not looking for numbers - we are looking for change.

To each of you our supporters - you have made possible the influencing of all these psychologists during the training. Each one of them works with many families and children.

In the pictures you see the presentation of the Field Guide to Child Welfare being presented to the President of the Association of Psychologists. In addition, each person received a full set of the filed guides. Ruby and Lynn packed the sets and delivered them to the thrilled group. Each person also received a copy of the book Telling the Truth to Your Foster and Adopted Child - by Betsy Keefer and Jayne Schooler. You might say this group was just handed "JEWELS" for their future. We trust and pray every book will be the beginning of great things for the children and families these professionals serve.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Last Friday, just before we flew from Kyrgyzstan to Ukraine, Mercy Foundation celebrated their tenth anniversary. The children from many of Mercy's Christian schools came to the gym at the School of Blessing to perform. It was truly an amazing show.
What is truly amazing is what has happened in ten years under the leadership and direction of Elder Yang. Mercy Foundation maintains several Christian schools, a school for the disabled, a resistential facility and a university, IUCA - International University of Central Asia. These schools are all registered with the government and provide a level of education that exceeds much of what is available in the country.
We have had the privilege of working as consultants to Mercy Foundation in concert with M.F.'s president John Tsai and his wife Christa. As their programs continue to impact children in character building and life skills, we have begun to see "hope for the future" radiating from the faces of these children.
It was a benchmark moment to see this celebration and the recognition of Elder Yang as the founder and inspiration for this vision.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Two weeks ago, we headed into the mountains of Kyrgyzstan for lunch. We are continually struck by the sharp contrasts in this country. Roads that are lumpy and bumpy, houses that need repair, are all surrounded by the unsurpassed beauty of snow capped mountains.
After only a short drive from the highway, we found a green meadow by a mountain stream. A good place to have lunch nestled in a small valley surrounded by mountains. The only access was a very rutted, twisty gravel road.
During lunch we were treated to sheppards at work, as their flock passed by. It comes as a bit of wake-up call to realize that a very common occupation in this country is being a sheppard. As we travel about here, we continually see sheep, cattle and horses on the roads as they make their way to and from pasture and, by the way, the animals have the right of way. It definitely redefines rush hour.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The sadness of children breaks our hearts - children who cannot live with their families due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. Yet we pray to bring hope and happiness to the hearts of children who would otherwise be orphans in this country of Kyrgyzstan. This video speaks of the hearts we all have for children who will soon come to our Dayspring home....Let us prepare the best place possible for them. Let us teach and prepare them for families and for adulthood. Let us help them know who they are in Christ and what their special purpose in life is. Join us and dream!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Her name is Lubov and she is the director of the Brovary City Social Services - an integrated social services program. This program "shines" in how they are working in partnership for the benefit of families. In her city, no children are sent to orphanages!

Every Child leadership - Zanida,Vice Director from Every Child with Sveta the new Program Manager and our team working together to refine a Life Skills program for youth who are leaving the orphanages at 14 years of age. Starting one year before they leave, this will be a comprehensive, training, planning, and mentoring program. It is a BEGINNING of what they might/can do.

The entrance of our office - the reception area - ILDC is a reality. Our office in a central part of the city is a blessing for us. This office is owned by one of our founders and has been rented to us. We use this for space for both offices and for training, as it has a small training room in the center of the offices.

- the reality of ILDC is more than we could have ever imagined in 2004 when we first started working in Ukraine. At that time, we would show up and do training for those requesting this; working in churches, with Bible colleges, orphanages and workers who were committed to working with children and families.

Today, there is an organiztion, with national staff who are leading the same iniative. They organize training, consult with NGO's, work with leaders and provide services that will equip others to do the work necessary to strengthen families and protect children. This organization was founded by the Institute for Human Services from US, Father's House in Ukraine, CBN (Emmanual) in Ukraine and LAMb International from US/Canada.

Working in partnership and working to ensure quality, competency-based training and consultation is available is the goal of ILDC. The development of the ILDC team, the materials being used and the program model are all from the consultation, tools and resources that have been given by the Insitute for Human Services, based in Ohio. IHS published materials are being used all over Ukraine, most specifically the Field Guide to Child Welfare. IHS staff have traveled numerous times to Ukraine to provide training and consultation to help in the growth of ILDC and the work in the country.

Together with our partner organizations in Ukraine, we are working for a UKRAINE WITHOUT ORPHANS. And we SEE PROGRESS.

Pictured above is Lubov - and they DO NOT SEND CHILDREN TO ORPHANAGES FROM THE BROVARY CITY SERVICES! They are committed to integrated services and keeping children in families. They do some amazing prevention work. She is a model for other cities and much legislation has been changed as a result of the work she does.

Also pictured above is a meeting with ILDC and EVERY CHILD leadership - working with together to clarify and strengthen a LIFE SKILL program for youth who are 14years of age and leaving the orphanages. EVERY CHILD has worked hard to help the different regions understand the need to keep children with families and to be the "gate keepers" from the flow of orphanage placement to a minimum. The success is evident and together we will move closer and closer to a



BACK IN KYRGYZSTAN our visiting team did a presentation for over 40 doctors! HERE IN UKRAINE we did a presentation for 28 Social Workers! COVERING THE EASTERN WORLD IN A SMALL WAY, but bringing hope, help, and encouragement to those who are listening! BELIEVING IN UKRAINE AND KYRGYZSTAN WITHOUT ORPHANS! JOIN US AND BELIEVE.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Dear Friends, I am putting a letter on this blog to share the situation with one of our partners. However, I must first tell you that in all the years we have worked here in Ukraine, we have found no NGO with better results, better relationships and better management than Father's House. They are an organization led by a leader of high integrity and humbleness that shines in the darkness of corruption.

The plight they are experiencing is very serious and very sad. We, LAMb International ask you to read this and pray for discernemnt as to what you might do to help. Many people doing a little will help them through this - and we can promise you - the donation you give is for exactly as they say. They have made decisions, others have made decisions to back from promises and this has left a very trusting and honest organization in some very deep trouble. Let's do what we can - even a little gift of $10 will go a long way when others also pick up the cause.

Blessings, - here is the letter:

Dear Lynn and Ruby!

A greeting with Love that Jesus Christ has filled us with.
We are very grateful to God for letting us meet you and become co-workers on His field. Thank you so much for your contribution into the ministry of “Otchiy Dim”. We are especially thankful to you for the wonderful seminars and revelations that you have been sharing with us.
Since then God has been blessing us and extending our limits, we are very grateful for your participation. There are 65 children, ages 3 to 17 living today at “Otchiy Dim”. You can find more detailed information in our report and booklet.
Now Otchiy Dim got into difficult situation and is undergoing through most tough periods in its history. That’s why we have decided to write you this letter to recourse. Until now I have never been asking for help over 13 years. Even during our meetings I was just testifying of God’s glory. It didn’t become less even now, but circumstances are making me act according to God’s word: “Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.” John 16:24

Over last years few events have happened, which led us to this difficult situation:
• In 2008 “Otchiy Dim” has stared new, important and needed in Ukraine project “Centre of Social Care and Defense”, to help the orphanage graduators, pregnant women and children-at-risk. For this project the local government has allocated a former summer camp and we immediately began its reconstruction. But later due to some political conflicts, the government falsely claimed the camp back, despite the fact that we already spent on repairs over 40 000$ US. These funds were received in the form of grants and now we cannot vouch for them to report, so we are demanded to return them.
• In another situation, as soon as possible to help children who are in very difficult conditions, we began building the home of family type, with only part of the necessary funds. While some of our partners were actively looking for the rest of the funds, we decided to take risks and borrow 45,000 dollars. It gave us an opportunity before the school year to complete house renovation and now there together with their parents and educators 10 children are living. Life of these children has changed dramatically because they got to know God's love. We are very pleased to be involved in this and do not regret a step. Unfortunately, however, funds for this project never came, and we still have one large debt which must be returned before the end of the year.
• In another case, we joined to help lonely elderly people, which gave children from the "Father’s House" a good opportunity to serve in practice and learn the principles of mercy. We wrote a draft and did not wait till receive the promised finances made repairs at home, where aged people were living alone. This House was only eligible for residence in the summer time, as before there was no hot water, no toilets, and these people lived in very difficult circumstances. But short time has passed, as there was tragedy: the criminals who wanted to illegally acquire the land on which the house was, set it on fire. Fortunately nobody was killed, because most of the people at that time were in church ministry, and two people (the blind man and a woman lying) miraculously managed to escape from the flames. House burned to pieces, and we again found ourselves in difficult situations because of its repair has been spent over 20,000 US dollars.
So, partly because of our carelessness and a desire to do good before we had this money, and partly because of reasons independent of us, "Father's House" got in a critical situation.
We encourage you to contact your church with two requests. First of all, pray that God showed us the way out of this problem. And second, if possible, consider providing "Father's House" with donations to repay debts. We are very grateful for any support.
We ask you to introduce "Father's House" in your church. We would provide you with the necessary presentation materials. We would be willing to come alone, but don’t have such funds to travel. The crisis affected everyday life at “Father’s House” and for a long time has a significant budget deficit, which for two years reached 18 thousand US dollars. To reduce debt, we reduced the workforce, while not reducing the number of children. We are on the verge of bankruptcy, but believe in the grace of God.
Again, thank you for what you have done for children. We pray for you and ask that God richly bless you.

With love of God and praying for you,
Roman Korniyko on behalf of "Father's House"
children and staff.

Tel. +38 093 396 39 69

МБФ «Отчий Дім»
р\р 26003285418001 в КРУ КБ «Приватбанк»
МФО 321842, ЄДРПОУ 21692634
Юридична адреса: вул. Каховська, 64, м. Київ 02002

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today was awesome.  It was day two of for the training for a large NGO here in Kyrgyzstan that works with several thousand youth at risk.  In addition we have had three faculty members in training from the University we work with in Bishkek.  Today was about child abuse and neglect.  They were a captive audience and many different ideas were discussed about services to children and families.  Dr. Eileen Lally, from Alaska is here and co-trained with me today.  In addition, the best of all happened - we had several of the participants identify that they want TO BECOME TRAINERS AND TRAIN OTHER PROFESSIONALS IN KYRGYZSTAN.
Tonight, Lynn heads for the airport to pick up two more guests - a medical doctor from Alaska, who is a pediatrician and an expert in developmental disabilities and the hospital chief nurse.  What will they do?  Work with parents, doctors and our projects where there are many different individuals with disabilities.  Each person, each sponsor makes a huge difference.  Stay with us - and believe.
Can you dream with me? -  A KYRGYZSTAN WITHOUT ORPHANS.   I can dream and believe.  Join me.
"If you go looking for a friend, you're going to find they're very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you'll find them everywhere."  Zig Zigler

Monday, October 11, 2010


Then after dinner, Alexy took us aside and asked a question, "We really thank you for the heat for our home, but we need it to go upstairs too.  Can you fix the pipes so this will happen?"
We have a great opportunity to help one man at a time - by sponsoring a bed of heat for $100 per bed.  We need 15!  Here is the story:
We have put heat into the Kemin Senior home - a great donation did this for them.  Yet, we did not put the heat into the upstairs and intend to do that this Fall, IF we can get 15 sponsors for $100 each.  We now have two so far - so just need 13 more!  We can get the pipes working in the upstairs if we get these donations.  The furnace will carry the heat up - we just need to complete the pipes.  Not a big deal for us who have heat, but think about the BIG DEAL FOR THEM. 
Alexy, Anatolie, Dushenbek, Evon are just four men who would just be cuddly and cozy this winter in their upstairs bedrooms.
Want to help - please hit the Canada Helps Button and away we go to a warm and safe winter for the men in Kemin.
Thanks so much - the LAMb team.

"If you go looking for a friend, you're going to find they're very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you'll find them everywhere."  Zig Zigler

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Just a year ago, we had a visiting doctor who's heart was touched by our dear friends at the Home for Disabled Men.  Let me tell you a little story.
This was a disgusting place - with wonderful men.  LAMb team members did what we could to bring hope and dignity to them.  Rooms were renovated, hot water was brought to one of the areas (no hot water had been in the entire building before), food was delivered, cooking utensils brought and time spent to let the men know they were not forgotten.  Over the last year and one-half things have been on a rapid change.
The head doctor saw the efforts being made by our visiting teams and decided if others cared enough to help, he should do something as well.  He found a resource to purchase some paint and activated able bodied men to help paint and do repairs in rooms that were crumbling away.  Flooring was put down, walls painted, plumbing repairs started and a new look began to shape up for the men.  Men from Iskra were proud of their work and eager to show us all they were doing. Soon a library surfaced, a room for the men to learn to read and write, a barber shop, and now a craft/art room.  Enter the rest of the story.
Our doctor friend from Atlanta, Georgia saw the vision of what could be a cottage industry and it was her investment into their art department that gave them the confidence and courage to make this work for them.  Today, they are painting, making lots of colorful mats, pillows, and knitted items.  And what is to be done now with them?  Sell them of course.  The first paintings (5) were purchased again by our doctor in Atlanta - giving more seed money for more supplies for the men to continue with their new industry.  But we need more outlets - so what to do.  Well, how about selling at the local outdoor market?  That is now a possibility too.  John leased a "store" site and this can now become a reality.
We often have teams that come in and want local/cultural souveniers and other Kyrgyz families get visitors who want the same.  So, the local market is a potential outlet for their beautiful items.  We see the hope rising and dignity being restored with the simple touched heard of a person who dared to dream - dared to believe in the men! 
JUST LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS AND SEE THE LATEST DELIVERY OF ITEMS FOR THE MEN....lots of velvet, cotton, sinepon, needles, threads, sissors, yarn, etc.  And what did the men ask FOR?  How about an electric kettle to heat water, some tea and coffee and maybe a box of cookies, some mugs and sugar - why?  So they can have a tea or coffee when they work? 
"If you go looking for a friend, you're going to find they're very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you'll find them everywhere."  Zig Zigler

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Two children were rescued from here - they are just two of many.  Dayspring Family Life Resource Center will be home to children who live in hopeless and destitute situations from being homeless to living like this.  And - we have seen much worse!  Want to help Dayspring?  We need you.  Stay tuned for an update tomorrow.

"When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another."  Helen Keller

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Today Dr. Eileen Lally arrived from Alaska to help us in creating a brand new specialization for the Social Work program at the Humanitarian University.  Tomorrow Dr. Tatiana Voronini will arrive from Tomsk, Russia to join us in the project.  These guests have been sponsored by our partner organization from Ohio, the Institute for Human Services. 
Just imagine - a social work program without any course work about children and families!  Yet that is to change - With our team:  Dr. Lally, Dr. Voronini, Chris Tappan, from New Hampshire and our on the ground LAMb team - TODAY IS THE START OF A CHANGE FOR CHILDREN IN KYRGYZSTAN.
Just imagine a Kyrgyzstan Without Orphans....we are praying and hoping for the tides to change soon for the children and families living here.  Adopted children will go home, new families will be found, birth families will be healed and helped.  YES, we dare to dream and hope.  Want to dream with us?  Let us know!
James 1:27 ...pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this; to visit orphans and widows in their trouble and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. (NKJV)

"When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another."  Helen Keller

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