Saturday, August 26, 2017


Jeremiah 29:11
"...for I know the plans I have for you...."

Over the last number of months, we have been preparing to conduct training for trainers in the area of Suicide Intervention and Prevention for Adolescents.  Today - we are en route to carry out this task. And as we sit here in the airport - my heart is heavy with the knowledge that vulnerable, exploited and orphaned children walk wounded, lost and feeling hopeless.  And as a result, youth are suiciding across the globe feeling hopeless, worthless and helpless.

Yet there is hope!  Who is going to share the message?  Youth need caring adults who will come along side of them - sharing the message of their worth, their value, and their purpose.  As a dear friend, Pam Parish says - who will  "step into their story?"

Sometimes their stories are full of trauma, loss, and sadness. They need an adult who will listen, care for them and coach them.  Someone to believe in them.  Their journey is fresh and uncharted. That is where the helping adult can be most supportive - helping youth who are suffering - learn the skills needed for navigating the pressures of adolescents. 

Bullying, poverty, judging, cliques, criticism, reminders of difficult and/or traumatic experiences such as abuse or neglect are a few of the pressures put on an adolescent.  The pressures that most adults would find difficult today.  And today our youth are walking this journey without the resiliency factors we adults have learned.  Yet, we can offer this resiliency back - by stepping into the life of a hurting child, building a relationship, teaching them to problem solve and learning to manage the conflicts of life.  We can introduce them to their Heavenly Father.

Our LAMb team is committed to the youth we work with - committed to helping and serving.  We are committed to teaching and training - to sharing the message of resiliency, life and safety.  Step by step we can work together as we reach out to those around us who are vulnerable.  We can be a voice in their story,  the voice of HOPE.

The LAMb Team

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