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Matthew 25:35-36  (NIV) 
"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me."

Today was exceptional.  Our team was first given permission (well in advance of arriving) to all go to the teenage boy’s prison to minister and at the last minute yesterday to find out that we needed a special permission (new) from Bishkek – we had to change our plans once again.

Remember, each time we change plans, we find other blessings.  Today was no exception.  The  new decision - only four Samaritans Feet Team Members were to go to the prison – they did not want women, so only two women were permitted to go. So the team took off with five men and the two women.  The team served about 30 boys and about 10 of the prison guard team, plus the prison director/warden.

AND for the rest of the team, there was a quick adjust to the schedule for the morning – so off to the market where a load of juice was purchased and then a morning visit to the Tokmok baby orphanage.  What a wonderful blessing this turned out to be for the women left behind this morning.  They spent the morning loving on children in all the different units of the baby orphanage.  85 children are living there now – and they learned of the new program for day care and the great success of how it is working – bringing children to the orphanage during the day and helping moms learn to care for their children – sending them home at night – keeping children with their families – and NOT bringing them into the orphanage to live.  Children from 4 – 12 years of age are being served in this program, which started just over a year ago.

The afternoon was spent in Kant, Kyrgyzstan serving 35 crisis family members.  Pastor Sasha and Luda arranged this service and we were blessed once again to see the families come together and allow our team members to serve them. 

One additional wonderful outcome from this week will be the learning that occurred with our volunteers and interpreters, church helpers and our LAMb team.  We see clearly how we can replicate this in the future. The day ended with the two teams coming back together at the dorm and debriefing the day. 

Tomorrow? SERVING ORPHANS! Two orphanages – Orlovka and Chui – expecting to serve just fewer than 200.  HELPING EACH ORPHAN KNOW THEY ARE SPECIAL AND PRECIOUS -  AND GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR THEIR LIVES!

We will end the day tomorrow - serving all our volunteers and end with a dinner celebration of sashleke!

Prison Gate - Teenage boys.

Preparing to enter the prison - our team.

Serving the Prison Guards as well as the teenage boys.

The guards were served after the boys - no pictures allowed of the boys.
The Warden/Director - we served him as well.  He wants the team to come back,
however it takes a three month advance notice for the authorization to
be given in the future - due to international police checks.
Team Two - Crisis Families in Kant.  Pastor Sasha addressing the group.
Luda - registering everyone to receive their shoes.  Need to get the correct size, etc.
Everyone the same - washing of the feet, new socks, new shoes and
prayer for their lives - praying hope and dignity.
Olga serving this gentleman - hearing his story and his request for prayer.
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