Friday, March 21, 2014



1.  MEETING - Lots of new plans for Jeremiah Project.  First we will be starting for LIFE SKILL classes per week in April, that is doubling our present effort!  Our LIFE SKILL trainer, Katya will also be looking to identify another trainer to develop.  Next, we will be adding a person to coordinate all graduates from the near by orphanages - tracking them and getting them connected with the best resources to help them through the transition.

AND we have identified three youth who are most likely to need Jeremiah House upon graduation.  We are first going to see if we can locate any family and if we are not successful there - JH might be the best "boost" for them.

We will begin tutoring classes for our youth - connecting with the university here - International University of Central Asia to see if we can get students as paid tutors.  And with summer soon to arrive (we hope) we will be connecting with several businesses to see if we can get our boys into apprentice positions in the different areas of interest - plumbing (see our toilet blog), mechanics, construction, farming, etc.  As well as potentially with our partner group - into their chicken farm.

2.  GIRL WITH BURNS - this story is most distressing and I am not going to give you the FULL story as it is far too disturbing.  This little girl accidentally got burned when she was starting a fire with her brother - burning some sticks.  She wanted to speed up the fire and went to toss gasoline on the fire - catching her legs on fire.  Her pants melted to her legs - leaving her very burned and in great need of medical attention - which she did not get for several days.  

Upon getting attention - she ended up in a hospital in Bishkek and had several skin graph operations, paid for by a Christian family who hear of the situation - she ended up in hospital for  over one month and then sent home - with a promise of her mother to care for her.  With alcoholic parents, this did not happen and infection set in.  

She ended up with another family hearing of the situation and wanting to help - agreeing to take her into their home and care for her wounds.  They have no money for the expensive medications.  They are willing to nurse the wounds and keep her fed and cared for.

If you want to help in this - we can would be very appreciative.  We purchased $100 worth of medications today.  But the doctors said she needs good foods, vitamins, lots of fruit with good vitamins.  The fruits at this time of year are too expensive for this family who is sacrificially caring for these wounds.   

We are looking for a donation (maybe multiple donors) of just $300 to keep the medications flowing and for the purchase of more food, fruits, etc.  Let us know if you want to help in this.

PROGRESS - three girls have now been successful in working the machines to make their very own pillow case!  WHAT PROGRESS AND WHAT AN AMAZING START TO LIFE SKILLS!

Lots of attention around Kristina getting her lesson.  This is the surger here and she really
caught on fast.  Mom is hard at work, negotiating the language differences
and getting an understanding of what SLOW AND EASY means.

Kristina's facial expression tells it all - just as mom's does....EASY --CAREFUL.
Snejanna is looking on with great interest as well.  She had just finished her
work and was proud of her success!

And then success!  Mom looks on with pride at he little student and her success.
Look at Kristina's face - that is real success!

Mom worked with the girls by age today - tomorrow she will work with the last three girls at Dayspring and then we will move over to the big project - Jeremiah House.  The kids there are anxious - room is almost ready and we are more than ready to begin.  Our boys want to make pants!

Snejanna working carefully with mom...intense - and VOILA - she made her very
own pillow case!  We will teach the girls how to make their very own skirts as

ARRIVING BACK HOME TODAY - We were so touched to see all these litte pants hanging on the line together - just a quick reminder of the little ones who really do have families - and the moms and kids that live in our apartment building - blessed little ones to have a mommy and daddy that loves them.  This mommy has two little ones.


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