Tuesday, March 4, 2014



KEMIN SENIORS  Monday afternoon the team served the seniors at Kemin Senior Home – bringing them into the presence of one team member where they received the gift of being served.  The team washed the feet of 43 seniors, prayed for them and then gave each senior a new pair of socks and a beautiful pair of new shoes.

The softened hearts and gratefulness was all around the home.  One senior later said – she had never had anyone ever serve her in this way and she was very touched.  Another told me how this was just beyond words.  She cannot see, but she knew the blessing and was more than overwhelmed.

CRISIS FAMILIES, CHURCH FAMILIES  With about 100 people coming from the church families, and the crisis families that Katya and Andre work with, the morning was a full time of ministry.  One woman I served just did not want to leave my “station”.  She just wanted to talk and talk – and you know the blessing it is when someone will listen.  She was blessed and she returned the blessing by sharing some wonderful stories of her life.

BEIKUIT, JEREMIAH HOUSE, DAYSPRING We ended the day with the children and staff from the above homes.  After serving them with shoes, we had a very fun photo hunt – creating teams and sending them out to gather 15 different photos.  Will talk more about this at another time. 

Today was an awesome day sharing about His love.  Praying for every person receiving shoes was what we call a very personal day of ministry – one on one prayer with over 150 people today alone!  Thank you Pastor Sasha, Luda, Nasta, Sergae, Annya, Andre, Katya. Costa, Olga and Samaritans Feet Team!

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Team - Samaritans Feet!

Serving the seniors.

Dushenbek - washing of the feet - a blessing to him!

Leaving Kemin - after a wonderful day of blessing others.

Working with crisis families.

Blessing our Dayspring children.

Blessing one of our boys.

And another.

And always a blessing when we can bring our little Genia's brother Losah

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