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We are here in Siberia - Novokunusk to be exact.  Our focus is to teach the Life Skills Training for Trainers who will be working with the graduating orphanage youth.   We have 42 students, but feel we are walking among giants with our missionaries here.  Our coordinators - Pastor Ilya and Janet are amazing and have stories to tell that just thrill your heart.   A visiting Pastor here, Mike Steinfield - Canadian - however now living with his family in Armenia, continues the stories.  And how do they tie together?  Well, let me attempt to weave the story..

1.  A pastor in a small Canadian city - Pastor Craig Pitts.  His young men in the congregation?  - Ed Dickson and Mike Stienfield.
2.  Pastor Craig - is instrumental in getting Ed and Mike out onto the mission field.
3.  Pastor Glen Pitts helps get another young man - an immigrant from Russia -  back to the mission field - Pastor Ilya and Janet Bansteev

And tonight we sat and had dinner with the three men - together in Siberia.  It is a very complicated set of stories, but it did not take long while listening to their stories to realize we were sitting among giants, living among giants and so honored to know

Pastor Craig and Dorothy Pitts - "father and mother" to hundreds of giants
Pastor Glen and Jeanette Pitts - teacher and mentor of "giants"
Ed and Natasha Dickson -  missionaries to Ukraine
Mike Steinfield - missionary to Armenia
Pastor Ilya and Janet Bantseev - missionaries to Siberia

because their stories - which must be told in full some day -  is for us a gift to be:


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