Sunday, October 7, 2012


Just a quick update.  Ruby is currently in Siberia doing a three day training and I'm in Kyrgyzstan for a few days.
Yesterday afternoon I went over to Dayspring to visit with 'our' girls. I think the adjective 'our' actually applies to many of you who not only support them, but also have fallen head over heels in love with them.
As some of you remember, we transitioned the Dayspring parents last July.  Costa and Olga and family came over from Ukraine and assumed not just the 'role' as Dayspring parents, but Costa is the country Director for Kyrgyzstan and Olga is the Residential Director for a number of projects that are developing.
BUT, what was great to hear yesterday as the girls were running around, doing all the busy things that little girls do, however in the midst of all the activity I heard several times the girls asking Costa about this or that and I heard "Dad", can I ....?
What a wonderful ring to the ears. In this short time, Costa and Olga have set up and are maintaining a wonderful family atmosphere.  I also heard Costa talking about going into the school weekly to talk with the teachers saying, "As a parent, I need to stay in contact with ....".
Today we will be replacing the stove at Dayspring and looking at the purchase of a freezer. We are also investigating the cost of installing a second shower. Ten people lined up for one shower takes quite a while, especially when we're talking about girls.  As well we will purchase some coal for Dayspring as well as Kemin.  Nights are starting to get very cool here.
In the next day or so I expect to have some pictures and an update.

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