Friday, July 20, 2012


Many people find it difficult to understand why anyone would want to serve in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, or anywhere else for that matter....outside of their comfort zones.  But when your heart says "Yes" you know you will go and go and go.  No matter the barriers, no matter the distance, no matter the opposition.

Today we are sitting in the Moscow airport and our next flight will be on to Kyrgyzstan.   We have a lot of work to do once there - as we are making some major changes for LAMb and ILDC in Kyrgyzstan.  We will be transitioning to a Country Director and Residential Director for the first time there.  It will change many things for our team.  It will free us up to do the work we are each called to do and will put the management of all the schedules and activities into the hands of our Country Director and his team.  We will have HELP!

Costa and Olga Litveninko will be taking these responsibilities on.  They worked for us in Ukraine some time ago - in fact they worked for us for about four years - traveling with us, interpreting for us and just coordinating our schedules.  They are a strong professional team and very capable of doing this new work.

Dayspring, Jeremiah House, Morning Star, Kemin Seniors, Iskar and countless orphanages and other activities will now be 100% managed by a Russian speaking couple.  We are so very excited and blessed that both Costa and Olga would agree to serve in this way.

TOMORROW we arrive into Bishkek and then on to Tokmok for 10 days packed full.  Our attention these 10 days will be to check on the different projects, help get Larissa and Tanya ready for Alaska, transition our new team members, and to just love on our little girls at Dayspring.  The team is growing and we just cannot wait to see the results!  The Kingdom of God continues to grow.

AND MORE TO COME:  "YES" we will be there!
We care about YOU dear one!

John and Julie will head to Kyrgyzstan in August.
David and Jayne have a full very active training schedule in Kyrgyzstan in September.
Ruby and Lynn will be heading for Ukraine in September.
Ruby and Lynn will be in Russia in October and in Kyrgyzstan in October, December and January.

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