Wednesday, July 25, 2012




So how would  you feel when you have only designated funds in your bank account and someone tells you there is a little boy - 4 years old that just said, "I am going to die because I cannot go to the hospital?"  AND IT ONLY TAKES $267  more than what was paid already to go to the hospital and have the life saving surgery.

Yesterday we were invited out to dinner with Valady and his wife Dr. Tatiana - both of them servants of God who help us imensely.  Dr. Tatiana goes to the senior home for us and checks in on the seniors, has gone to Dayspring and checked in on Dasha and is always asking how she can help us.  Vlady does repairs for us in some of the most dire conditions, visits our dear friends at the dump and serves with a generous heart.

Having dinner tonight was at their request and something we really have looked forward to.  Within  about 5 minutes of sitting down, Dr. Tatiana said she too was looking forward to this evening.  Yet one hour before she closed her office, a woman came and told her the story:

She has a 4 year old son who desperately needs life saving surgery on his heart.  She has sold everything (even her cell phone link to everyone) possible to raise the needed almost $4000 for the surgery - yet she was short $267.  She had visited every church, every friend and family member.  She has asked strangers to help.  She paid the hospital all but the $267 and the  hospital refused to do the surgery without full payment.  She was desperate and her son knew the desperation, and would tell people, " I am going to die because I cannot go to the hospital."

Dr. Tatiana said this was so depressing for her.  She did not know what to do, so she called the Doctor in charge of the surgery.  And she was given the same answer - "We will do the surgery ONLY when she has ALL the money."  The mother was desperate and feeling hopeless and worthless.

What do you do?  We have tied up designated funds!  There are rules and punishments for doing it wrong.  Somewhere there needed to be another pocket with something in it....Oh Lord let it be.  Dig, weight the options.  We did.

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