Wednesday, July 25, 2012



We are leaving tomorrow for Lake Isakul.  We will have with us all the Dayspring children, all our Kyrgyzstan staff and their families.  It is our overnight staff team building retreat.  But we encountered one BIG PROBLEM in taking our team to the Lake overnight.  We would be leaving Dayspring house unattended and be leaving a big dog without someone to care for her.  This is the new dog to Dayspring - a big fluffy one - brought to Dayspring by the new family - Costa and Olga.  

However, quickly a solution was found.  Hiring two men from Iskra Home for Disabled Men - to come and stay overnight at Dayspring keeping the dog and the house cared for.  Might see simple to you reading, but remember these are men who have essentially been deemed as incompetent and cast away.  Over the years we have seen just the opposite.  

In fact as we speak, Eldar is off at a camp where he was invited to preach everyday while there.  He is truly our resident prayer warrior and mighty man of God.


Two other strong and competent men are Almoz and Zamir.  Both men have agreed to come to Dayspring and stay overnight - guarding the property and dog.  What a blessing to us to be able to hire them for this task and know we have left all in good hands.


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