Sunday, July 29, 2012


Actually a mule!

What a delight - 11 beautiful children - joined together by our two
Resource Families

Acel and Talant had three little girls.
Costa and Olga have one little girl and one little boy (4 years old).
Can you imagine what it will be like for him to be living with all these
little girls!

Acel - heavy heart - but joy for what she has given.  She will be 


For over two years now, Acel and Talant have been our Resource Family for Dayspring.  For more than a year in the beginning - there were no children in Dayspring, but that changed last Fall, with the arrival of our first child.  Since then we have received six little girls into the family.  

Acel and Talant parented these children from the day they started arriving.  They have nurtured them, loved them and essentially made a difference in their lives - bringing safety and security.  When they decided it was now time to focus on their family, it was a difficult moment for all.  What could we do for the children at Dayspring?  How would we best serve the children with them leaving.  It was through these questions that Costa and Olga came into the picture.

We worked with Costa and Olga for four years - know them well and love them dearly.  We asked the question - and they responded eagerly with a YES!  They arrived into Tokmok just over a week ago.  During the past week, it has been a carefully orchestrated transition.  We have had meetings, dinners, parties, and even an overnight retreat.  All this was to help the children get to know the new Resource Family and to see the connection between the families.  On Friday - Costa and Olga officially became our Resource Family.  And on Saturday we finalized our transition with a time with the children all together to give everyone a chance to see we are all still connected.

Acel and Talent are staying in Tokmok for one year - as Talant said, this is to be a bridge for the children.  Starting in September, they will spend one weekend a month with the children and of course be visiting from time to time as well.  

For each of you - our supporters - please pray for this new Resource Family.  They have lots of ideas, lots of hopes and dreams.  Olga and Costa had a family meeting with the children on Sunday - they created a schedule together.  Seven little girls - each girl gets a day to be mother's helper (building life skills), on Thursday evening, there will be a family Bible Study, on Sunday evening - they will have Family Meetings.  

Teaching, nurturing and growing our little girls continues.

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