Thursday, December 8, 2011


In football there is a term called YAC. It means Yards After Contact. It refers to how far the player, who receives the ball, goes after being hit or tackled. It is term which is relevant to our lives and the lives of others. How far do you get after being 'hit'?

My case in point refers to Don, one of the co-founders of LAMb International. He is ever faithful and ever serving. Once again, a few short weeks ago, he was hit with what turned out to be septic. Needless to say it was touch and go for awhile. The good news is that early next week he should be able to return home.

Nonetheless he is hard at it while still in hospital. Yesterday, in his intensive care isolation unit, we had a LAMb US Board meeting. Today after visiting with him for over four hours he wanted his computer set up. It is voice activated and he is busy with the LAMb newsletter that is to be sent out in the next day or so. Check out the photo. As we were leaving to come home, he was suiting up to work.

What a testimony to YAC. Yards Achieved thru Christ. There are those who might have counted him down and out. But just as Don is a faithful servant, so also is our Lord faithful. Don is back in play, gaining more Kingdom ground. A lesson in persistence and faith demonstrated for each of us.

Thank you Don.

P.S. I know Don would want me to thank each of you for your prayers. Thank you.

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