Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blessings bigger than your door

Most of you who follow this blog know that we were involved with the 'pie in the face' challenge. The idea was that each one who let their name stand would 'receive' a pie in the face if they raised $500. Again most of you know we not only met that target but exceeded it. The goal was to be able to have a Jesus party for over 2000 orphans, to give each of them a small gift and a years' supply of vitamins.

So far so good. Well some of the vitamins arrived today. Six out of eight boxes arrived. We still don't know what UPS did with the other two. We had some feeble idea of picking up this boxes and bringing them home with us to Canada next week. Then transferring them to the team of nine that is leaving for Kyrgyzstan on Dec. 26th.

Guess what? Each box weighs one hundred and fifty pounds. Yes, 150 lbs!! Times six, actually eight when we find the other two. That's 1,200 pounds. Just barely will a box go thru a doorway, let alone into my truck or backseat. Oh for the days when I had a Yukon XL, but those days are gone replaced with a 6 cylinder gas sipper.

My thought is this. When we ask God to bless us, we better make sure our door is big enough to hold His blessing. Praise Him for His abundance.

By the way, arrangments are in the works to ensure these vitamins reach their destination. We want to thank all of you who were/are involved. Thanks on behalf of every orphan, senior and disabled person who will receive this gift.

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