Sunday, December 18, 2011


SHE KNOWS WHERE KYRGYZSTAN IS LOCATED, UNDERSTANDS CHILDREN SOMETIMES ARE SENT TO ORPHANAGES, SHE ASKS QUESTIONS AND MORE QUESTIONS.... Her name is Evie and she is my great niece. I was amazed by the questions and by her knowledge of Kyrygzstan and the plight of the orphans. She asked about their families, "were they sad they did not have a mommy and daddy?", "how do they live?", "do they have enough to eat, warm boots?" And she wanted to look at picture after picture of the children, the people, the grandma and grandpas. She told me what she knew about Kyrgyzstan and she was accurate.

Her curiosity was first sparked by a project she did for her Kindergarden class - a report on Kyrygzstan and the work of LAMb International with the orphans. But it did not end there - she asked me - if she could please go with us to see the children and help. While other children were playing with toys from Christmas giving - she sat close to me and wanted to know more and more.

It so brought to mind the responsibility we adults have to grow children in the way they should go - to understand and be thankful for their blessings and to be sensitive and caring for those in need. Little Evie will keep in contact via email, she will follow the blog (and she knows how - as she helped me work through some computer challenges!) and she will grow to get questions answered. One question she asked again and again...."How old do I have to be to go with you to help?" I suggested to her maybe 12. Not perhaps the answer her parents wanted - but for sure - we will take that question up again and again. How this child opened my eyes once again of how important the work our team does - the Christmas Blessing that is started and ongoing for the next several weeks -how critical it is for us to SHOW UP AND STOP FOR THE ONE IN FRONT OF US...and how we must continue to spread the word to those who will follow us in helping others - even a five year old who is right now learning how!

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