Sunday, December 25, 2011



We are so excited to know our team is leaving tomorrow early in the morning. One of our team members is a young man from our home church who wants very much to know more about the people of Kyrgyzstan. In addition, we have hundreds of pounds of vitamins going and some fabulous blessings for our dear orphans, seniors and disabled.

Our team leaders John and Julie Wright are ready and loaded with the resources to make a real difference in the lives of many. The schedule is packed full, and will compliment the work already being done by our team on the ground in Kyrgyzstan. Already, there have been food drops, orphanages blessed, children taken to parties and so much more.

JUST WAIT TO SEE THE BLOGS AND TO READ THE RESULTS. Imagine with us for just a minute:

1. You are 8 years old - you have a mother that cannot properly care for you and you are about to see the love of strangers give you, your mother and your family food, a dinner together in a restaurant, vitamins for a year and lots of love.
2. You were a homeless senior - now living in a safe and warm home that has been supported and visited by LAMb teams over and over again - and now they are going to show up to bless you with Christmas gifts, a special meal and some great fellowship and sharing. Giving of time is one of the most precious gifts of all time.
3. You are living in a home for disabled adults - same routine day after day and now the team is showing up AGAIN - the team that brings joy, surprises, food, and oh so much love. Yes, there is JOY, HOPE AND DIGNITY that flows from the hearts of the team to the lives of those in the disabled home.

ARE WE EXCITED? YES, WE ARE MORE THAN EXCITED. WE ARE SO THANKFUL FOR YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU WHO HAVE MADE THIS POSSIBLE. We do NOTHING but show up and stop for the one in front of us. YOU make this possible.

Thank you,

The LAMb Team

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