Thursday, December 22, 2011


WE ARE EXCITED TO KNOW SOMEWHERE AROUND 2000#'S of vitamins will arrive tomorrow. They will be distributed to our team going to Kyrgyzstan on the 26th of December. 10 people will travel with two suitcases each - one carrying 50#'s of vitamins and the other just a few pieces of clothing and another 30-40#'s of vitamin. Just think - this trip that will make about 900 #'s. We are distributing vitamins for a year for those getting the vitamins. We will have an organized and efficient system to ensure these vitamins are into the hands of orphans, elderly and our seniors who are disabled. The next team will be taking the next shipment over.

John and Julie Wright will lead the team. They are our true "search and rescue" team. However, this trip rather than a "search and rescue" it will be return and restore. Potatoes, carrots, rice, vitamins, gifts and lots of love will be in store for our dear friends in Kemin, Iskra and in the different orphanages. Stay tuned for lots of stories and lots of ways you can pray and support our team in the future. We are so excited for the members of the team joining us...some from Quebec, some from around Norwood/Stirling and another team member from here in Barrie. Lives will be changed both here and there!

We are so thankful for your generous gifts this Christmas to make this truly a CHRISTMAS BLESSING for over 2000 dear friends in Kyrgyzstan!

Spacibo! (Russian for thank you!) THE LAMb Team

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