Monday, June 6, 2011


Little Medlin - coming out of the hospital after his surgery. He was a very brave little boy!

YOU KNOW THEM AS JESSICA'S FAMILY - named after one of our team members, the social worker (Jessica) from Cleveland, Ohio who found them at a park and followed up with finding out more about their family.

Today we see this family growing and is a brief recap of the involvement with them:

1. Found children hungry at the park, fed them and took them home.
2. Met with mother, father (who was drunk at the time)...took food to the home.
3. Kept in touch with the family - encouraging them and taking RELIEF from time to time.
4. Began to RESTORE the family, had another team from Canada with us and they did a renovation on their home - the family worked along side of us the entire day, painting, renovating and making their home a little safer. This RESTORATION included bringing new beds so each person had a bed to sleep in. It included bringing in a new rug, a table with stools.
5. Continued visiting the family - taking some RELIEF from time to time.
6. Mother decided to bring her children to the Chinese Church where we attend - where she NEVER knew we went there. She was delighted and continues to come to the church with her children and sometimes her husband. They also sometimes attend a little cell group.
7. Our team members John and Julie begin RESTORATION of a home for a widow who was burned out of her home. They hire our favorite contractor - Vlady and he needs a helper. We recall the good work of our father - from Jessica's family - and he is hired to work along side of Vlady and we learn he is DEVELOPING into a great worker. Vlady says he is talented in construction. Our father is not drinking and tells someone, "he cannot drink anymore because Lynn and Ruby will be really mad..."
8. Our family is now doing remodeling on their own home - using funds they have earned by the father working - DEVELOPMENT IN ACTION.
9. Madlen - the second youngest child needs a surgery on his knee and this is beyond the funds they have made or can make at one time. ENTER a sponsor from LAMb and the surgery is complete.

We just wanted you to know the story once again - what an example of RELIEF, RESTORATION AND DEVELOPMENT - something we are learning and attempting to apply. The book, When Helping Hurts has really made a mark on our team and the work we do for Kingdom Building! THANK YOU SPONSORS FOR HAVING FAITH IN OUR TEAM!

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