Tuesday, June 7, 2011



We want to celebrate two our team members - Pastor David and Jayne Schooler. When they joined our team we were delighted at the skills, experience and knowledge they would bring to our team. We have John and Julie as our "search and rescue" experts, and Pastor David and Jayne as our experts in counseling, spiritual development, education and training. Then recently we were blessed to have Glen Pitts join us with expertise in building programs, systems and strengthening people to serve as God has called all to serve. This is our Canadian Team! (We will celebrate the rest of the team at a later time.)

Pastor David and Jayne have been building and strengthening many over the years they have been serving in Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine with us. Right now they spend over 6 months of the year in the foreign mission field. We want to tell you a little about them:

Pastor David
1. Professor with International University of Central Asia
2. Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the International University of Central Asia
3. Counselor in the foreign mission field - working with IUCA, Mercy Foundation, Chinese Church and many others.
4. Student counselor - funder of many private projects and supports for students and families.
5. PhD educated and fully qualified as a pastor, professor and trainer.
6. Senior consultant in the area of Theophostic Healing.
7. Board of directors for ILDC in Kyrgyzstan and in Ukraine.

Jayne Schooler
1. Author of 7 books on adoption, one of which has just won a national award. Considered one of the most expert consultants on adoption in the United States.
2. Two books published in the Russian language, one in Polish language.
3. Expert trainer in child welfare.
4. Works as a professor at the International University of Central Asia
5. Coordinates LAMb projects for training, consultation and program development.
6. Developing a major video product to promote healthy families post adoption - doing this as a project of Christian Broadcasting System of the USA.
7. Board of directors for ILDC in Kyrgyzstan and in Ukraine.

This is just a little glimpse of our team members David and Jayne. We are so honored to have them on the ground with us in both Kyrgyzstan and in Ukraine. They are committed and passionate about bringing "life to the parched lands." They are the catalyst to our motto - "Just show up and stop for the one in front of you."Pastor David and Jayne - we honor you. We thank you and the seniors, disabled, children and families of Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan thank you as well.


David and Jayne Schooler said...

It is our honor and joy to serve alongside of you..thank you

Don said...

LAMb International is privileged and honored to have the Schoolers as part of our team. The people of Kyrgyzstan are blessed by their knowledge and experience. And the kingdom of God is advanced by their service. May God bless them richly!

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