Monday, June 6, 2011


A beautiful picture of graduates - read the statistics below and see how you would feel chosing the 1/3 that are successful. It just breaks our hearts.

EACH DAY CHILDREN LEAVE THE ORPHANAGES AND ARE PREY FOR PERVERTS, TRAFFICKERS AND CRIMINALS. The orphans graduate at age 14 - and they are given a chance to attend a technical school, live in a dorm and become independent. Some orphanages are seeing the damage this causes and are keeping youth longer - that is a good thing. However many are dismissing their graduates and leaving them to learn the hard way of life - from the "streets."

ILDC - our organization in Ukraine - founded by LAMb, the Institute for Human Services, Father's House and Christian Broadcasting System of Ukraine is working to make a difference one child at a time.

1. We are working hard to find permanence for youth in the orphanages by finding and encouraging nationals to adopt children. We have seen great success from this work over the last several years. Our program Adopt Ukraine is active and will become even more active in the future thanks to a great support from a new sponsor for this program. But we have other needs to ensure youth are safe and protected.

2. Each week ILDC offers training and consultation to NGO's, government workers and volunteers who are working with children and families - with the goal of supporting the movement of strengthening families and protecting children from orphanages.

3. We are seeing partnerships built with powerful child focused organizations like Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans, Father's House, Kiev City Children's Services, and Partnership for Every Child - all working toward GATEKEEPING and diverting children from the orphanages into permanent homes through adoption and/or reunification.

4. Our staff in Ukraine are professionals - hard working young adults committed to the movement of UKRAINE WITHOUT ORPHANS. We have ongoing training for Life Skills for Youth aging out of the system - training on leadership, on and on....working as fast as possible to help as many as possible.

TODAY THEY NEED YOU AND WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION IN A CHALLENGE - Let's sponsor them for more - finding more families, finding more trainers, giving more materials, more parenting booklets, more seminars and more encouragement! They cannot do this alone...Ukraine is a developing country - they don't have the resources of North America - but they DO HAVE THE DREAM - TO SEE THEIR CHILDREN WITH A MOMMY AND A DADDY, TO SEE THEM SAFE AND LOVED - TO SEE THEM SUCCESSFUL! You can help....

Will you please hit the donate button for them - asking each of you reading this to donate just $25 OR EVEN MORE IF YOU CAN - not much to ask for so much return as it will bring so much to so many. We don't usually ask so boldly, but the need is great and the time is limited - graduation is just around the corner once again and the statistics are sickening.

Out of all the graduates - ONLY 1/3 MAKE IT!!!! The other 2/3 end up suiciding, dying on the streets, in prison, in prostitution, trafficked out of the country for sex slaves, addicted to drugs. PLEASE - LET'S NOT FORGET THEM AS WE WALK IN THE COMFORTS OF OUR LIVES.

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