Friday, June 17, 2011


ONE OR OUR PARTNERS - ALLIANCE UKRAINE WITHOUT ORPHANS is making tire marks across Ukraine - one bike at a time. We are so excited to be a partner of this organization and to be working together toward a UKRAINE WITHOUT ORPHANS. Just a couple of days ago - orphan children from Western Ukraine and orphan children from Eastern Ukraine - jumped on bicycles and headed to Kiev - the capital of Ukraine. They are riding about 100km a day and will arrive into Kiev on June 24th.

The purpse of the ride is to bring awareness of the orphans in Ukraine.

Pastor Gennadiy (a true champion for the children of Ukraine) thanks all those people who responded to the call to take part in the action and did everything for it to happen: “ ........ We dream for the last boarding orphanage in Ukraine to be shut down in Ukraine and for there was not to be a single kid without parents. Once (in the past) we put a target – to have no street kids in Mariupol. And it came to pass. Now we are moving forward to another purpose and I am certain that it can be fulfilled if we all want it and do our best”.

AND there are over 40 orphans riding new bikes hoping for a good ending to their journey. ONE DREAM IS FOR ENOUGH SPONSORS TO BUY A BIKE OR TWO TO ENSURE EVERY CHILD RIDING GETS THEIR OWN BIKE - COST FOR THESE BIKES? $250. You can donate on our donate buttons and we will buy a bike in your name for a child....JUST THINK OF THE SUMMER FOR THESE ORPHANS - RIDING WITH THEIR FRIENDS, SHARING BIKES AND LOVING THE DREAM OF THE FUTURE FOR CHILDEN IN UKRAINE.

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