Monday, April 25, 2011


THE ISKRA HOME FOR DISABLED MEN IS RAPIDLY CHANGING and we are seeing so many great and wonderful things surface. Today, we were there with our team, spending about three hours there just visiting and making plans for more improvements in the future. We had our team, Dr. Jordan, Peggy and Chris spend time talking to them men and finding out their hopes and dreams for the future with respect to what they might like to do.

Only a few short months ago - these men would not have been able to think past the daily bread to hoping for something they might actually be able to receive. But over the many months we have been going to the home - changes have proven something to these men....LAMb teams return over and over again - bringing new and wonderful changes to the home.

Today we took out over 150 feet of beautiful velvet material for the men to make pillows, throws and other beautiful items. Our Dr. Jordan got the men to discuss the different things they need and would like to have - simple things and of course some major things too. We asked them to put together a list for us to pick up on Friday. But here are some of the things they asked for:
1. Fix up the two rooms for the men to have a special place to paint, draw and create. They need tables and chairs - as the rooms are completely empty.
2. Drawing books, pencils
3. Many different colors of threads
4. Shoe repair items
5. Lots of double edge razors
6. Soap, shampoo, hand lotion
7. Laundry soap
8. Toothpaste
9. Toothbrushes
10. Coloring books
11. A new sewing machine - the one they have breaks down all the time
12. Bars for the windows on the first floor sewing room - it has been broken into and things stolen
13. Locks on the doors of the room to keep theft down
14. Paint by number
15. Pencil by number
16. Beads of all kinds

This is the short list.... but they have an old volleyball area. There are still posts there and the ground is way overgrown and full of rubble. They could use a net, balls and lots of SAND and they could play! Just think - being able to be outside and PLAY! What a blessing this would be for them - AND everyone of these items takes very little money. A sewing maching for about $250; the sand for about $300; bars on the windows for about $300; locks for the doors for about $100. So much could be done for so little. This is when helping really helps!

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