Friday, April 22, 2011


If you have travelled through Moscow to Bishkek, you will know what I mean by cooling your heels. If you are coming from JFK, you can expect a ten hour wait. At the moment I'm heading to Kiev from Bishkek. The wait in Moscow is only six hours.
It gives one a bit of time to reflect.
I have attached a few pictures of faces and places. Each one has a story. We are greatly encouraged as, more and more, we are beginning to see stories of encouragment. Nevertheless there is a long road ahead. Solving problems remains a daily focus.
For example. In the picture of the little boy with the bunnies, we heard just yesterday before I left that he needs an operation for his knee. He is the second youngest in "Jessica's" family. We heard that the cost will be 4000 soms. Yes, that's soms not dollars. For your information the exchange rate is about 4,650 soms to $100 US dollars. Natasha is checking with the family and the doctor to confirm what is needed and if this cost estimate is realistic.
Ruby continues the work in Tokmok while I continue with the next few days of Leadership Training in Kiev.
A simple "thank you" never seems enough. I wish I could share with you the hugs and smiles that we receive on your behalf. Thank you!

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