Saturday, April 9, 2011


THE WORK OF LAMb IS FOREVER A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY This week with the team has been awesome - as we have been out to serve our different projects/processes and to watch the faces of the nationals as they are welcome us again and again as well as our guests from the USA. We have seen needs met and hearts turned. Yet, I am so reminded of how we cannot meet every need as the need is presented to us. We have a motto - "show up and stop for the one in front of you." This motto does not mean we are attempting to "be all things to all people." It really means we want to be LED to the right persons to stop for and to be responsive to create solid foundations for helping lives and services change for the better. One very clear example of this is ISKRA HOME FOR DISABLED MEN. We have been the ONLY NGO helping them up until just recently when one of our partners decided to come on board to help. Yet, over the last several years we have seen progress after progress in the facility and most importantly in the men themselves. Last night we did our fun night with them - something we love to do. We take hundreds of ice cream cones and meat pies and go for a "party". We take a keyboard and have music, share dancing and songs. Last night one of the men sang for us and for the men. (See the video). We took a video last night - that is in Russian - we use it for the Life Skills for Orphanages - It is called "YOU ARE SPECIAL" by Max Lucado. What a joy it was to see over a hundred men captivated by the video. And upon leaving the best comment ever "I ran away from here four years ago - now I am back and it is very different and so much better. I like it here now and so do others." WOW...that brings us to our knees. That is one example - there are so many more - The goal is RELIEF, REHABILITATION, DEVELOPMENT - that is the process that really is our hearts. We cannot just hand out - we must engage in process. We are so thankful for the book - "When Helping Hurts" to help us understand a princple - one we all have been reviewing over and over again here in Kyrgyzstan. Thank you all for making Relief, Rehabilitation and Development possible as we cover both ends of the RIVER!

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