Saturday, April 30, 2011


They came from all over this beautiful country. They came by plane, train, car and marshuka. They are the top selected workers in the field of child welfare. They came to this three day Training the Trainer at the invitation of the Minister of Labour and Child Protection.

The excitement and enthusiasm filled the room as the future program was outlined for them. Among this group will be the future trainers for Caseworker Core - A competency based standardized program designed to bring best practice to the field of child welfare.

Our next challenge is to schedule the series. This group is 'ready to roll'. What a privilege it is to work with such a group of dedicated, bright and committed individuals. Committed and ready to bring change, based on best practice outlined in the Field Guide for Child Welfare - witten by Judith Rycus and Ronald Hughes from the Institute for Human Services - to a country that is committed to making a difference for children.

Stay tuned for future news as this system engages in best practice to ensure permanency and well being for children. Perhaps one day, in our foreseeable future, we will all witness a Kyrgyzstan Without Orphans.

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Pamela Fruechting said...

Wow, Ruby...that's amazing to say the least...consider having someone publish this info as a journal manuscript so academia can get their hands on it. Workable models are needed in so many countries. I love it that this work is so ideally committed to NO orphans! We tend to just think of orphans as a given. And you all have asked, "Why do we think that?" So by not targeting orphan care, but targeting the system and causes of orphaning, perhaps it will be obliterated from the social scene. What a feather in Kyrg's cap that would be to be the first country to not have an orphan problem. Blessings and prayers!

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